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    Hey everyone!

    I have just moved to Burbank, CA from Denver, CO. I attended a small school out there in Denver, and received these things. EMS First Responder certification from The Director of the Division of Fire Safety, State of Colorado, and of course the certificate that shows that I completed the school. Through the school I have also received Healthcare Provider BLS CPR/AED certification, Heartsaver First Aid Instructor certification, and BLS Instructor (CPR/AED) certification. All from AHA region Pacific/Mountain Affiliate through Rocky Mountain CPR and First Aid.

    Now here is what I want to know. Before I ever moved to Denver the only interest I had in this field was Search and Rescue kinda stuff. I had looked into the CMC Rescue School out in Santa Barbara, CA. But it was hard to get any good information out of them, so finally, I just moved to CO, in hopes that I could do mountain search and rescue. When I got there, I found the community of people who do that difficult to get in touch with, and some of them somewhat aloof to outsiders. CO seems to not take well to outsiders. Luckily, through an online chat site, I met a guy who had just started this First Responder, CPR/AED, and First Aid school. He offered to send me through the course for free since I would be his first student, and he wanted to test the program out first. What a lucky break.

    But as hard as I tried, CO people still didn't seem to care, and with all my pleas to even just volunteer and figure out a way to pay for more extensive training, nothing. So, I just moved back here to CA. Now, I am having problems here. I wish to use my training here in CA, but apparently, since it is all from CO, I have to find out how to use all that training here. I do not wanna lose my instructor certifications. I want to go through rescue school. I want to be a paramedic, and go through fire fighting training. But, everywhere I turn out here, I am getting dead ends.

    Please, someone lead me in the right direction. I want to transfer my certifications to this state, but as I understand it, in order for my FR certification to be valid here, I have to go through all the training again. That does not seem right. Someone, PLEASE, lead me in the right direction on these things.


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    Classes may be differant and differant requirements for CA you may have to take them all over again. Michigan is the same way they do not recipricate with to many states (at least they didn't that may have changed).

    Probably not what you wanted to hear but most states have their own rules.
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