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    Default sf1199a

    got an email about a form sf1199a not sure what that means but i sent it back in is there a normal time frame when ill hear from fema again

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    Since your a newbie I'll be nice to you.

    You should be hearing from FEMA within the next 2-3 weeks (usually). They are more than likely going to be sending you some questions to answer. Shortly after that you should be hearing from your congressmen telling you that you can start shopping.

    Congratulations...All future posts can probably be made in the celebration thread. This is all based on mine and others personal experiences with this program...

    By the way, what did you apply for and how much?

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    Default 1199a procedure

    I just thought I'd mention something about the 1199a, that I learned. Most of you probably know this, but some of the 1st timers like me may not.....

    On part B of the 1199a, make sure you have the correct person listed to recieve the money. The line is kind of ambigous, and asks for who is responsible for receving any money...when we looked at that we thought it must be the Chief, so that's whose name we entered. However when I took the form to the bank to have them fill out thier section, she said that it actually needed to be the City Administrator.. (the person who writes out checks for the city). Anyway, I freaked out because we had already submitted it on the app site, so I had to call FEMA, and after talking to 5 different people finally got hooked up with the person who released our 1199a and allowed us to edit it and reprint it with the correct name (the FEMA people were incredibaly pleasant, helpful and nice people by the way!)...
    Anyway, just double check that the person you list on part B of the 1199a is the personal legally responible for managing the bank account for your dept.

    I just mention this so someone else doesn't make the same mistake... In the end it was no big deal, but it was a bit of a hassel.

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    Default A bit of information that may be helpful

    When we got the e-mail asking that we update our 1199a (because of my screwup - to detailed to go through here, I searched frantically for two days trying to find a new link to pull up the form. Couldn't find it anywhere.
    Finally I broke down and called FEMA and found out that they had just reactivated the link on the drop down menue from our 2003 application. Went there and everything worked just fine,
    Hope this will save someone else from the anxiety,

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