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    I could use alittle advice, I'm currently in the Marine Corps, Aircraft Rescue/Firefighting. I have three years to go and cant decide whether to pursue arson investigation or paramedic, mostly because I dont know much about the careers. I'm originally from Ohio and plan on returning there after my enlistment. Can anyone give me some info on these careers, such as the different opportunities that come with these careers, what do arson investigators do when there are no fires to investigate, what are the down sides, hours, openings/advancements, salaries, what kind of education is needed for arson investigation, etc. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Hey Devil-dog...I myself am a former ARFF Marine. I am currently attending Paramedic school and find that with that cert it will be 100x's easier to get hired on someplace. As far as the Arson Investigator goes, I only know that you need a lot more schooling to obtain that and it is a lot tougher job market than FF/Medic. IMHO I would suggest going the Paramedic route first then going for your degree for Arson Inv. while working at the Dept. That way you already have your foot in the door and some experience under your belt. Good Luck!

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    Why don't you look at the cities web site for the larger cities in Ohio and see what the fire dpt page has to say abiut quailfications.

    I would think the Ciny, Coliumbus, Dayto and others would have web pages. Also go to www.thewatchdesk.com and enter the forums and click on OHIO and look for web sites there. You can post questions in there too.

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