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    This is the first year for me with the fire grants and i just have a few questions about the awards process

    What is usually the first way you find out about yuor award ?

    Will you always get a call from your senator ?

    What kind of time frame is their before you can start purchasing ?

    Thanks in Advance

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    The first clue will be probably be the link on your app to the 1199A form or an e-mail with a series (used to be six, I think it is more now) of questions. A US representative or senator may call, but it doesn't always happen. We didn't get contacted by any elected official. Once you complete the questions and the 1199A, you sit around and wait for your formal notice. It will contain an award package, part of which gives you the performance period of your grant - that's when you can buy stuff. Don't jump the gun. No matter who calls until you get that award notice and the performance period starts, the money isn't yours.

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