Cadets,Firefighters and EMT's
I have a special request .....I am making a memory book for my son John for his 18th Bday this June 30th... He is a Cadet firefighter with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue here in Washington state and attending college to become a Firefighter and I am hoping to get the support of Firefighters/EMT's, Cadets to write a letter encouraging him, offering advice and maybe share a story even maybe include a Picture and I will save them all and add them to his Memory book .I think it would be a book he would treasure forever especially since it would be comming from people he admires and respects so much .. John gave up his Senior yr in HS to enroll in this special college program and he has missed out on all Senior fun and activities.. (Yearbook, Prom, trips and graduation).This will take the place of his Senior Yr Yearbook.
This July he will hopefully become a Volunteer Firefighter with a small local Fire Dept.. Every chance he gets he is scheduling ride-alongs to learn as much as he can and to gain the extra experience he needs.If this is something you think you might be able to support with please e-mail me at Thank You