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    Talking Tattoo Design-HELP!!

    My wife has decided that she wants to get a tattoo on her lower back, you know, like every other female out there has!! Anyway, she has asked me to design one for her, she's looking for something that reflects her life as a firefighters wife such as fire,love,and tribal art. Well, I got the idea and she seems to love it, however I can't draw to save my life. SO if anyone knows anyone thats willing to draw for us I'd like to talk with them and see how much they'd charge to draw it. Here's the idea, it's very simple, but kind of hard to explain.

    The center, and larger portion will be a maltese cross, however instead of a circle for the center it will be heart shaped. Our kids initials and birthdays will be inside the 4 edges, and the date we were married will be in the heart center. From the edges of the bottom of the maltese cross will be smaller flames fingering out the sides about maby 2" then above the flames (but no higher than the maltese) will be some tribal designs which would replicate the smoke.

    She don't want it real big about 4" wide total and maybe 2-3" high. Again if you know anyone that's good at drawing please let me know, thanks in advance.
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    Our kids initials and birthdays will be inside the 4 edges, and the date we were married will be in the heart center.

    I can't help you out with the drawing but might I make a small suggestion?? Leave the date of marriage out....... you never know what tomorrow holds and if something should ever happen that you are not together forever (divorce) then she will be stuck with something permanently etched on her body that may no longer have meaning. When getting a tattoo it's important that it match the individual and that it be something that will have meaning forever. Just a random thought.
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    go to strikethebox.com they have a bunch of tats you can look at that might help your design along....

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    Find a tattoo artist that you are going to use and then go present the idea to that person. I had a tat. on my right shoulder/arm and I knew what I wanted just couldn't put it to paper, took my idea to my artist and within a week or two she had just what I was looking for.

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    I have an idea for you. I am planning on getting one of the "Tired Angel", modified to pay tribute to 9/11. Drop me an e-mail and I will send you a copy of what I am talking about.



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