Residents fret lack of forest service
WebPosted Jun 16 2004 08:33 AM EDT

MONCTON Some residents in Lower Coverdale wonder whether response to Monday's forest fire could have been quicker.

Lloyd Smith says there used to be a Department of Natural Resources office in Hillsborough, but it was closed in 1996. The closest office is now in Dieppe.

Smith says Monday's fire highlights the need for local service. "It's a wake-up call and we're going to get we had one here that consumed about 500 acres here a few years ago in the very same area. So, I say let's restore some fire service and forestry service here in Hillsborough or somewhere local."

A spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources says location had little or no affect on response time.

Brent Roy says municipal fire departments are usually the first responders when homes are threatened. DNR gets involved when a fire jumps to the forest and, Roy says, that's exactly what happened Monday.

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