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    Default Trench Rescue Simulator

    Looking for any information on commercial or "home-made" trench rescue simulators, please share here or e-mail me at sqd131@hotmail.com. Thanks
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    The only trench rescue simulators that I've seen so far are the ones where a trench is dug in the ground. Training should be as realistic as possible and you can't really simulate a trench, every trench is different, from the type of soil to the configuration of the trench (T, cross, L, or just a straight trench) to how deep to the weather. There are so many factors every trench is different.
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    Lightbulb Hope this helps...

    I've drawn plans for elaborate concrete trench simulators which include 20' sections, unlevel floors, transecting pipes, "L" and "T" configuration. They've been built at various training centers and are generally expensive.

    Another idea is to simply create an 'above ground trench'...built up mounds of dirt with a 'trench' between them, possibly using cinder block walls. All actions are actually conducted in an 'above ground trench'with realism of lowering panels, etc. Usually this is inexpensive.

    Another option is to simply use scaffolding to create a trench, however this requires great attention to safety. This is the least expensive, however not as realistic.
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    Get in touch with Bill Zehnder (Zen-der) of South Central Technical College, North Mankato (MN) at billz@sctc.mnscu.edu. The college recently put together a mobile trench rescue simulator. The scenario is simple and it is relatively safe, using plastic pellets instead of soil.

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    The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute also has one. You can try to find out about it at www.MFRI.org I've worked with it, and it's pretty decent. The main purpose for a training prop of this type is to allow indoor BASIC familiarization with working around a hole in the ground. As has been said above, there is no substitute for digging in real dirt, and we prefer that means of training above others.
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    NJTF1Bowman and hwoods are both correct. I travel around the country teaching trench rescue and the only way to learn the right way is to use a real trench. It requires several instructors who have to really be on top of safety issues. When you're done and you remove the panels (just as safely as you installed them) it gives you a real respect for the danger of trench rescue when you see the soil fall back into the trench.

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    Default Trench Sim

    check out this link for a pic. http://www.wisconsinems.com/conf/2004Conf/Thur-06.jpg

    It works very well and you can push along the braces.

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