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    Default Unexpected golf cart hazard

    After reading The unexpected golf cart hazard by Chief Mike Tucker I realized that this hazard can happen in other locations also. One location that I found was a battery operated sump pump. The battery gets charged and may activate a CO detector. I have been on a few calls like this. Just wondering if anyone has found other locations this hazard exists.

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    Ironically enough a neighboring department had a call similar this past week. I heard the transmission on the scanner at our department. A lady came home Tuesday evening to find her cat dead next to the front door and she claimed that there was an "odor" throughout the home (we ruled out the cat).

    The neighboring department was dispatched for CO detection and approximately two minutes later the dispatcher advised all units that the homeowner indicated that the home was total electric. No gas appliances, no propane grilles, nothing.

    Unfortunately I don't know what exactly happened but when I read the article it made me wonder. I will post a follow-up when I find out.

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    Had a CO alarm trip at a group home one night.

    Wasn't CO, but it was by-products of mixing two cleaners. You could smell the distinct smell of Chlorine/Ammonia mixed together. I forget know which way it went, but our working theory was the mop hadn't been rinsed from a few days before using one, and went into a bucket containing the other. Woman swabbed down the kitchen floors and the CO alarm starts going off...remove bucket & mop, electric PPV, have a good evening.
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