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    Lightbulb NAVY YARD Philadelphia Fire & Emergency Services. Firefighter/EMT JOB

    Opening Date: 06/10/2004 Closing Date: 06/10/2005 Position:

    FIREFIGHTER (EMT) GS-0081-05/06

    Salary: $44,490 - $49,939 per year

    Duty Location: Many vacancies PHILADELPHIA METRO A, PA

    NAVY Shipyard Fire & Emergency Services: Philadelphia



    The Human Resources Service Center - Northeast (HRSC-NE) is soliciting resumes
    to fill current and/or future vacancies in this occupational series. Resumes
    accepted will receive consideration as vacancies occur within geographical
    areas identified by applicants on the Additional Data Sheet (ADS) form
    available on the Resume Builder. Management will specify the area of
    consideration for specific vacancies. Area of consideration may be limited to
    the Activity where the vacancy exists or to a subdivision of the organization.
    Management may elect to consider candidates other than those who specifically
    applied under this announcement.

    Who May Apply:
    Visit http://www.donhr.navy.mil/jobs/categorydefinitions.asp for a list of
    definitions on the following hiring categories. Current Federal Employees
    serving under a Career or Career-Conditional appointment in the Competitive
    service; former Federal Employees with re-instatement eligibility;
    Inter-agency Career Transition Assistance Plan(ICTAP) eligibles; persons
    eligible for non-competitive appointment under Special Authorities; or
    Preference eligibles or Veterans who have been honorably separated from the
    Armed Forces after substantially completing an initial 3 year term of active
    service. Selecting Official may choose to limit consideration to subgroups of
    those who apply. Candidates whose current or previous permanent position is
    at the same grade level, or at a higher grade level, than the announced
    position (or its target), and who meet the qualification requirements will be
    referred to the Selecting Official as Non-Competitive candidates.

    MAJOR DUTIES:The incumbent serves as a Firefighter
    responding to fires, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescues,
    emergency medical incidents, or other emergency situations. They stabilize
    the incident, and conserve the property and facilities.
    Incumbent will respond as a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and
    render emergency medical assistance in accordance with applicable Federal or
    State Regulations and as a local protocol dictates.

    He/She performs fire protection and prevention tasks in an area where the
    structures and operations present different and unusually difficult problems
    because of the types and variety of hazardous conditions encountered. The
    Firefighting and fire prevention tasks are divided into eight major areas:
    industrial fire problems, shipboard fire problems, residential fire problems,
    hazardous materials incidents, commercial fire hazards, technical rescue, port
    services and miscellaneous services.


    Applicants must meet the qualification requirements as stated in the Office of
    Personnel Management (OPM) Qualifications Standards Operating Manual at

    In addition, applicants must meet the Department of Defense Certification
    requirements for firefighter positions that are posted at

    Candidates must possess certifications that are recognized by one of the
    following: Department of Defense (DoD), the International Fire Service
    Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) , or the National Professional Qualifications
    Standards (PROBOARD).


    1. Certification registration on the DoD Certification Website. Note: This
    is mandatory for current DoD employees.

    2. If not currently employed by DoD, provide the following certification
    information in the 'Professional Licenses and Certifications' block of the
    Department of Navy (DON) resume builder for each certification achieved.

    Title of Certification and Number:
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Certified By: DoD ________ IFSAC ________ PROBOARD ________
    Date: ____________________
    Positions may also require applicants to possess or obtain other types of
    licenses and certification, such as State drivers' license and/or EMT

    Required certifications for current DoD employees will be verified through the
    Air Force Civil Engineer Support Activity (AFCESA) website at
    http://www.dodffcert.com. Requests for reciprocity from current DoD employees
    may be submitted via their training departments or by mail to the AFCESA at HQ
    AFCESA/CEXF, 139 Barnes Drive, Suite 1, Tyndall AFB FL 32403-5319. The
    certifications of qualified candidates not currently employed by DoD who are
    to be referred to a selecting official will be reviewed by staff at the


    Resumes are evaluated by an automated system (RESUMIX) that matches the skills
    extracted from the candidate's resume to the skills identified for the
    position. In addition, other requirements (i.e. time-in-grade, education,
    area of consideration, specialized experience, etc.) must be met to determine
    the qualified candidates referred to the Selecting Official for consideration.

    Salaries: Visit web site http://www.opm.gov/oca/payrates/index.htm to obtain
    current salary information for the area(s) where you are interested in
    working. Demonstration Project pay tables are located at

    Position can be filled as a GS-05 or a GS-06.
    Work hours: 144 hrs bi-weekly/(3) 24-hr days weekly or 6 bi-weekly

    In addition to salary, there is a 25% premium pay

    Pre-Employment Requirements: Selectees may be required to successfully
    complete a probationary period, obtain a security clearance, and meet all
    certification requirements (depending on the position to be filled) prior to
    appointment. Some positions may require successful completion of a physical
    examination, agility test, pre-employment drug test, and/or participation in
    the Anthrax vaccine immunization program if applying for an emergency
    essential position. Selectees required to meet one or more of these
    employment conditions before appointment will receive a tentative offer of

    A tentative offer of employment will be rescinded if the selectee fails to
    report to any of the scheduled appointments, fails the medical/agility/drug
    test, lacks the certification requirements, or is unable to obtain a security
    clearance. Incumbents of drug testing designated positions will be subject to
    random testing. Drug test results will be provided to the employing

    Special Requirements:
    U.S. Citizenship required; All Federal employees are required by PL 104-134 to
    be paid through Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer; The Defense
    Authorization Act of 1986 requires that male applicants 18-26 years of age, be
    registered with the Selective Service to be eligible for appointment. To
    obtain information on your registration status, you may write to: Selective
    Service System, Registration Information Office, P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, IL;
    vacancies filled from announcements covering multiple grade levels may be
    filled at any grade level and may have promotion potential; positions filled
    through this announcement may be part-time, intermittent, seasonal, temporary,
    term, or permanent. If filled on a temporary or TERM basis, the action may be
    terminated any time prior to the established not-to-exceed date. If filled on
    a temporary basis, may be extended or become permanent without further

    Faxed applications will NOT be accepted. Applications mailed in government
    postage paid envelopes will NOT be accepted. Use of postage paid official
    envelopes is a violation of OPM & Postal regulations. Once submitted,
    applications become the property of the Department of the Navy and will NOT be
    returned or copied. All extraneous documents not specifically requested will
    NOT be used.


    PCS cost may be paid.

    This position is subject to mandatory consideration and placement programs
    (PPP&RPL). Individuals who have special priority selection rights under the
    Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) must be well
    qualified for the position to receive consideration for special priority
    selection. ICTAP eligibles will be considered well qualified if they meet the
    basic qualification requirements, demonstrate above average proficiency in
    performing the duties of the position in which they are applying, and meet any
    required skills identified by management. Federal Employees seeking ICTAP
    eligibility MUST annotate their ICTAP eligibility clearly on the Additional
    Data Sheet. Applicants will be contacted at the time of consideration to
    provide a copy of the agency notice, a copy of their most recent Performance
    Rating and a copy of their most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade
    level, and duty location in accordance with 5 CFR 330.704.


    Please visit our webpage at
    http://www.donhr.navy.mil/HRSC/northeast/localnews.htm for additional
    information and helpful tips on applying for positions serviced by our region.
    This site will also provide you our policy on Open Continuous Announcements;
    one resume policy; need for Additional Data Sheet (ADS); frequently asked
    questions; Application Express; and benefits of the Resume Builder. An
    automated inventory referral system (RESUMIX) is used to fill vacancies
    through the Merit Promotion Program and other non-competitive means. When
    applying, carefully follow the instructions below to ensure you receive
    consideration for the position.

    A resume and an Additional Data Sheet are required for this position. If you
    have a current up-to-date resume and Additional Data Sheet on file with the
    Human Resources Service Center, Northeast, you may request that it be used to
    apply for this position by using APPLICATION EXPRESS. Visit the DONHR
    website at: http://www.donhr.navy.mil/JOBS for instructions on using
    Application Express. Your most recent resume on record is the resume that
    will be used for consideration under Application Express.

    If you do not have a current up-to-date resume on file with the Human
    Resources Service Center, Northeast, you may apply through the Department of
    the Navy (DON) On-Line Resume Builder (preferred method). To use this method
    visit the DONHR website at: http://www.donhr.navy.mil/Jobs The DON
    http://www.donhr.navy.mil/JOBS Builder will properly format and send your
    resume for you. Resumes submitted through the DON Resume Builder are normally
    processed within 3 days of receipt.

    If for some reason you are unable to access our DON Resume Builder, you can
    submit your resume and Additional Data Sheet responses via mail. Hardcopy
    resumes take longer to process, they are normally processed within 2 weeks of
    receipt. Mail your completed resume, Additional Data Sheet, and any requested
    additional documents to: Human Resources Service Center - Northeast, ATTN:
    RESUMIX, 111 South Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA. 19106-2598.

    Inquiries Regarding this Vacancy:
    We cannot answer inquiries requesting the status of resumes or status of a
    particular announcement. For other questions, direct your inquires to
    Annctquestions@ne.hroc.navy.mil. Note: Please reference the announcement
    number in the subject line of your email inquiry. We do confirm receipt of
    resumes by e-mail or U.S. Mail. For information on employment or the
    recruitment process, please see our Website at http://www.donhr.navy.mil or
    contact your nearest Navy Human Resources Office job information center.

    For additional information about this position please
    Submit your application package to:
    ATTN: Firefighter JOB

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    All over the east coast


    The Yard isn't currently hiring due to a freeze in the region.

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    Question NAVY YARD F&ES

    Are you on the Job at Navy Yard? Is it a good place to work?

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    yeah it's good, but with this whole Navy consolidation crap going on, everything is on hold for the whole Mid-Atlantic region at least, probably mostly everywhere in the Navy.

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    Unless you are looking for temporary work or a stop-gap position, I wouldn't look to get on with the Navy. Too much talk of BRACs and RIFfing engine companies. Case in point: I've been on for less than a year and have been told twice that I'm getting laid off. If you like to constantly have your "career" position threatened, than by all means give it a shot! Good luck in any case....

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    DOD'S Bravest U.S.A.

    Thumbs up DOD Federal Firefighters for KERRY !!!!!!

    DOD Federal Firefightes for John Kerry !!!



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    Thumbs up Federal Firefighters for Kerry !!

    John Kerry has my Vote!!!

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