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    Default SMEAL opinions please help

    I am interested to find out what quality of engine Smeal produces. I am in the mid atlantic area, and there are no Smeal products close, but they seem to be popular in the south and west. We have a new local Smeal dealer and have looked purchasing a Smeal engine. Our area primarily has Pierce and EOne equipment.

    How do the rigs hold up? Are they reliable and dependable? would you recommend Smeal? What types of rigs do you have? How old are they? Are there any problems you have encountered?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    I have heard that the City of Charlotte, NC has had a few (3-6) out of service for cracks on the body around the hydraulic ladder rack. Service after the sale would be one item on top of my list. Does the new dealer have a service center and/or road techs?

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    Why don't you ask for a customer list and start calling some of the customers. If you rely on this forum to get a response, you never know who is on the other side of the keyboard.

    Call the customers that have them, such as Yonkers NY, Charlotte NC, Charleston WV, Milford CT, and some of the other larger cities on their list. Or call the smaller run departments.

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    Yea talk to some fireman at Charleston, WV and see what they think about the smeals the currently have. Actually talk to the fireman not the administrative people in the offices including the chiefs and assistant chiefs who continually get to go on nice vacations right after they purchase apparatus from smeal....i know of some cases at charleston in which apparatus have cracks on them.....icluding a 2001 quint which has two big cracks on the top off the grill...im sure thats just because it is an HME cab though......as for the smeal we have.......the only reason we bought it was because e-one didn't put caterpillar engines in there cabs at that time.....its been a nice truck.....except for the throttle interface never working and the fact that we can never get service from our dealer.....i'll quit now......

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    Contact St. Louis, brother. They probably have the largest fleet of Smeals around. I am not sure of any problems they may have or having with them.

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    Ya St Louis is a good Dept to contact. They have 33 I believe Smeal Quints. And they run them alot. You may want to call Headquarters and see who you have to talk to. Or try calling the St Louis Fire Dept Shop. They do all the work on there trucks, they should be able to answer any questions you have. I dont know of any major problems, they have had a few transmission flaws, small pump problems. Give them a call. Stay Safe.. I am out

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