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    Talking Hi folks

    I've been a volley going on 2 yrs now. Originally from NYC, have been living in North TX for the last 5 yrs. Have gone through lots of training and on many calls. Passed National Registry First Responder and will be taking EMT-B next month. Also driver/operator certified by TX SFFMA.

    I'm still new to lots of things and am still making some mistakes but i'm responding as often as possible to learn as much as I can. Lots of good info on these forums and am grateful to be a part.

    I have been on 4 structure fires so far but have not been first in yet. When I do, I hope to make my dept. proud.
    Master Chief

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    Welcome aboard Master Chief.

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    Masterchief- EMT-B will be no problem, you're already CFR. My husband didn't crack a book. Although he's been in the company for 15yrs. I read almost every page and came out only 4 points lower than him.

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    Welcome On Sir....I'm Sure You'll Grow To Love This Place As We All Do
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    Default Gonna like it lots!

    As you can see masterchief, I am fairly new....You will learn that there are some here that love to argue, and many with great knowledge wisdom and experience.keep the faith and join in on the fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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