Finally, after long last PEI (Prince Edward Island, Canada)(Canada's smallest Province)(Population - Not Many!) has gotten it's own regional Haz Mat Response Team. Thanks to all of you who offered support by answering my questions and offering links for various products and SOP's to name a few. We have a long way to go yet, but at least we have some firefighters now trained to Haz Mat Tech level. We, in the end, used the NFPA, Canadian Forces Fire Academy, University of Oklahoma, and our own experience to name just a few resources. We have a truck, trailer, and rescue body truck. We also have access to other gov't resources. Baby steps, as it were. Here's the story from the media today:

Island gets hazmat team
WebPosted Jun 22 2004 06:53 AM ADT

CHARLOTTETOWN — P.E.I. will soon have its first hazardous materials response team.

Twelve fire fighters from the greater Charlottetown area have been training for more than a year for the qualifications. The team will be able to deal with situations that previously would have required help from outside the province.

It sometimes took days for that specialized help to arrive.

Over the last year, a dozen fire fighters from Charlottetown, Crossroads and North River departments have been undergoing intensive training to become members of the Island's first hazardous material response team.

Team co-ordinator Bill Hogan says the members are trained to deal with a wide range of materials.

"Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides in the agricultural industry, chemicals that might be used in various materials for cleaning. acids, those type of compounds," he says.

Hogan says the firefighters were quick to volunteer for the 180 hours of training.

"It's all volunteer training. All volunteer time. It's typical of firefighters," he says. "They see that we need it. They've seen situations where we've had to wait extended times for outside help to respond and they see that we have the capability and the people who can do it."

The firefighters graduate next week with their hazardous material qualifications, but it will be September before the team is completely ready to respond to an emergency.

Atlantic Canada and New England have many close ties that politicians and borders can't cut. Many brother and sister firefighters visit PEI every year from all over. Some even have summer cottages here. Many drop by our firehouses to visit and swap patches (PEI Haz Mat Patch is coming...). So if your coming by this year, drop me an e-mail. More PEI info at:

Anyway, thanks again to those of you, in Canada and the US, that helped out our Haz Mat team get started.