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    Post City finally chooses new fire chief

    Here's the Update on the Article I posted yesterday that comes from the New Britain Herald Newspaper.

    NEW BRITAIN - After hours of deliberating, the Common Council late Wednesday night voted Mark Carr as the city's first new fire chief in 20 years.

    The council approved Carr's appointment by a 12-2 margin with one voter absent.
    "I'm happy the candidate that was No. 1 on the assessment (test) was the one that was approved by the council," said Republican Mayor Timothy Stewart.
    Added Stewart: "It's the dawn of a new era for the fire department."
    Carr, who is black, also becomes the first minority to head a city department. Bill Bentley, the city's Affirmative Action Officer, spoke during the public comment period Wednesday requesting that the council approve Carr.
    "How can the city be 'a city for all people' if its workforce doesn't reflect that," he said, referring to the city's motto.
    "Out of all the candidates, everyone agreed he should be No. 1," said Alderwoman Suzanne Bielinski who also interviewed all the finalists.
    Stewart made his recommendation for fire chief to the Common Council before the meeting, although he did not divulge the name. However, according to Stewart, the four candidates who scored highest on the assessment test were, in order, Carr, Thomas Ronalter, Peter Buonome, and David Fiori.
    Ronalter and Fiori are career firefighters with the city. Buonome is the retired chief of the Branford department.
    Carr was the only candidate not from Connecticut. He comes to New Britain from Wandsworth, England, where he was a divisional officer. According to an e-mail from Steve Dudeney, a station commander in Poplar, England, Carr's position was the equivalent to a deputy chief in a city the size of New York.
    New Britain has nine fire stations and 139 firefighters.
    The council also approved a plan by an 11-3 margin that would allow firefighters to become first responders in addition to their more traditional duties.
    "It's been a long time coming. Because of the steps taken tonight, there will be many more lives saved in the city," said Stewart, a former fire inspector who has been a proponent of the plan for a number of years.
    Fire and Emergency Medical Service officials have expressed a need for a quicker response time. EMS, whose ambulances are deployed either from New Britain General Hospital or Arch Street headquarters, has an average response time of eight minutes.
    If firefighters from nearby stations could get to a scene faster they could save valuable minutes and hopefully save lives, EMS executive director Bruce Baxter said Wednesday at the meeting.

    Here's the link to that article
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    A persons ethnic or social background should have no bearing on his/her appointment.

    However, WELL DONE to Mr Carr on his appointment - Good luck My Friend.
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    I agree,what difference does his color make?None?Then why mention it?

    Good luck to the new Chief,although I do like to see guys go up thru their department.If they are gonna bring in a Cheif from outside,why would guys push to move up?

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    An innocent enquiry was made to me about the role of a Divisional Officer in London, I explained that it ws equivalent to a Deputy Chief in a Big City Department such as New York, responsible for 5 or 6 Stations and 2-300 Personnel.

    This information was then quoted in the article in the Herald without my permission, no problem but as I don't personally know the guy, I had to explain my comments to the 'powers that be' within the LFB. I'd like to add here, that I do not personally know the Officer who as been promoted, however he does/did work with the LFB so Obviously I am familiar with his rank/role and an explination of that is the limit to my involvement.

    (Sorry Gang but I have to make sure my *** is covered)
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    Default Thats all?

    Only twenty years? Our cheif has held the position for 37 years and counting.
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