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    Default Dear skcusffaidude-

    First of all, After scanning over your recent postings,
    I dont know if your whole IAFF skit was a joke or what.
    But you sure made yourself look the *** and probably
    burned some major bridges in this career field.

    Second, if you think you were due a career/full-time Firefighter/Paramedic job after just one test???
    You are simply messed in the head. Did you think
    you were just owed this job? Blaming it on some
    house/city boarder line is simply lame. You need to
    get your head together, read the job announcements
    better get past this very stupid incident and learn
    how to take your education and market yourself.

    The point is just because you didnt make this test doesnt
    give you a green light to come in here to rant, rave,
    scream and cry. I/we dont care. LEARN TO IMPROVE YOUR

    Pretty much every career dude/gal in here took muliple test
    to get where they are today. There is NO free ride or
    easy path in this career field.

    I have been telling people about some sites out there to
    get started. If you want to, PM me.
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