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    Crews Fight Fire At Lancaster Fire Station

    POSTED: 1:32 a.m. CDT June 25, 2004
    UPDATED: 11:26 a.m. CDT June 25, 2004

    Story by nbc5i.com

    LANCASTER, Texas -- Firefighters battled a fire at a fire station Thursday.

    Some of those firefighters will be looking for new quarters after a kitchen fire did damage to their firehouse. The cause of the fire reportedly is a stove left unattended.

    It started when Lancaster firefighters were dispatched to an accident on the highway and left in a hurry.

    The fire charred the radio room, totaled the dining room and destroyed the station's TV. The damage estimate is more than $100,000.

    A mobile home has been brought in for sleeping quarters, and the station will remain open.

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    Default On a side note...

    I got this article emailed to me by a resident of my town who operates a restaraunt. He asked how come his restaraunt has to have alarms and extinguishers over his oven as required by FD's, but the FD's don't? And even better, he asked, "why wouldn't they? Shouldn't they be setting an example?" Now without details, I don't know if they had some type of system or not...but judging by the damages, I'm betting not.
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    Our manned stations have a cut out circuit. When the call comes in all power to the kitchen area is cut off.
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    Many years ago we had a run shortly after lunch, lucky for us it was a malicious false alarm, which meant that the CO released the pump escape to go back to station. When we turned the corner of the street we saw light smoke coming from the day room window, an easy chair had got pushed too close to the gas fire, and was just starting to burn nicely. we put it out, "borrowed" another chair from the store and kept very quiet about it. I dont think the station officer ever did discover what the "burning smell" was when he got back to the station. Happy days.

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    The question that Bones' friend poses is one that I have had for a while, especially since we too have had a similar event a few years ago. Fortunately for us, we only suffered moderate smoke damage, but this is not an isolated case either.

    Good luck on the rebuild for the Lancaster guys! Take care out there.
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    Unhappy another one...

    Alabama Fire Department Destroyed By Fire

    Firehouse.Com News

    The Powell, Alabama Fire Department was completely destroyed by fire Thursday night, but with perseverance and help from the surrounding fire service, firefighters there are already back on their feet.

    "It's hard. That's about all anybody can say," said Firefighter Troy Lee Colvin.

    A call went out at 8 p.m. Thursday for a garage fire behind City Hall. Firefighters didn't know it was for their own fire station until they arrived to find the structure completely engulfed on one said.

    They attempted to pull one truck out of the building, but "Once the assistant chief got that one bay door open, it just took off from there," Colvin said. "The chief made the order that nobody went in unless you had turnouts."

    The department had immediately called for mutual aid and soon had about 50 firefighters on scene from eight to ten fire departments. After fighting the fire and finding there was nothing they could salvage, the last unit left the scene a little after midnight. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    The department lost two pumpers, a brush truck, their bunker gear, tools, generators, lights - everything, Colvin said. The block building is also a total loss.

    Firefighters didn't waste any time getting everything back in order. Surrounding departments have already loaned them gear and two trucks, and they are operating out of the parking lot of their former station, along with mutual aid, Colvin said. They plan to put up a temporary structure while they rebuild and replace all of their equipment, which will be covered by insurance.

    Colvin said the support from the fire service has been wonderful. "They've told us whatever we needed, all we've got to do is ask," he said.

    The department has 15 firefighters and serves about 350 families in a rural and residential area in Dekalb County, Alabama.

    It's hard on us but we're pulling through," Colvin said, "and we've got the support of the public, the mayor's support, the council's support. You couldn't ask for nothin' better."
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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