1) Is it wrong to take notes to an oral board to refer to if needed. I did make a copy of the background they sent me prior to turning it in, can I use this and other notes at the oral.

Reply: Never!!! Referring to or trying to take notes in your oral board would only distract and frustrate most panel members.

2) Also when they ask you why you want to be a fire fighter, how should I respond since i am already a fire fighter with firefighter I II and all the fire officer courese. Bill

Reply: I wouldn't. This would be part of your answer what have you done to prepare for the position. I know it demonstrates you are continuting your education but how is touting you have all the fire officer courses going to help you get a snot nose rookie position?

So back to the question why do you want to be a firefighter? What is your answer?

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

Fire "Captain Bob"