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    Default hangs head

    Wow unbelievable...Well, I donít guess there is anything that I could interject at this point that wouldnít be unnecessarily scrutinized or ridiculed...I just wanted to express my alliance with 911badgirl (she is a dear friend) and I will save all my expressions of disappointment and amazement for the chat room as requested.

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    Hopefully all the new Illinois posters will continue to post here, except in the forums that actually have true meaning. This brought a few more flatlanders out of the woodwork, didn't it?
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    Default Lesson learned

    I guess if there is a lesson to be learned here, it is that everyone; myself notwithstanding, should choose their words very carefully.
    911badgirl; if you can accept my apology for being so presumptive, upon reflection, any normal human being with average intelligence would have taken your original post the wrong way. I did and for that, I sincerely apologize.
    To all of you; my comment about taking out the trash was in no way calling 911badgirl "trash", but the assumption was made by some that I was calling her trash. I was not! But if my words were misconstrued and confusing, then again; I apologize.
    I don't think that anyone should feel that Flatlanders are trying to suppress, repress or oppress anyone into believing that we want to sanitize what is said in the Illinois forums. The thing that makes us unique and sets us apart from the other state forums is that we are a diverse bunch that have an open exchange of ideas and opinions and even disagree from time to time. And it is done respectfully.
    I didn't do THAT in this thread. I try to be respectful, but somehow, with this discussion, I wasn't. It must be the pressure from always being right!
    So; 911badgirl; welcome to the Illinois forums. It is obvious that you have friends in high places. But I will still stay out of the chats. I prefer HERE.
    Now; the rest of you can put away the rolled up newspapers.
    I think you can also reassure our state president that his authority is still intact. And the vice president for that matter.
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    Default People should...

    .......Lighten up a little. The Illinois people are a pretty decent sort. We dont need a bunch of Interlopers telling us how we should "behave". Art apologized for being a big meanie as he should have. I aint apologizing for NUTTIN.

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