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    Default Residential Fire Sprinkler Trade-offs?

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Does your fire department offer trade-offs for residential fire sprinkler systems? If so what would those trade-offs be?

    I am mainly interested in trade-offs for community wide residential fire sprinkler installation, however, trade-offs for individual residential fire sprinkler system installations is also desired.

    Examples or trade-offs that I am interested in are: increased distances between fire hydrant locations, decrease in the needed fire flows for structures, increase in mean response times (benchmark) of apparatus, decrease in amount of apparatus dispatched on initial alarm, increased spacing of fire stations, etc.

    If anyone has any documented information in regards to such trade-offs or others that I didn't think of, please contact me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If a newly constructed home or condominium unit is has a residential fire sprinkler system installed, they are exempt from the provision of putting smoke detectors in all of the bedrooms as per the 6th edition of the Massachusetts Building Code.
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    Default Article

    Here is a link to an article (although it doesn't get very specific) that touches on the subject of trade-offs. I didn't know this, but Maryland apparently allows trade offs for sprinkler systems.


    I think for the most part trade offs are a BAD idea, especially those trade offs that smitty mentioned that affect staffing/station location/hydrants/response times. Sprinklers are an incredible resource for life safety, but its only a part of the safety system. This sort of thinking would be like the fire dept. taking in a hose line and saying "OK, that does the trick, we won't bother to do any ventilation". I suppose the flip side of the argument would be that it encourages sprinkler installation where it is not necessarily required.

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