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    Thumbs up Last Chance to be part of Memory book PLEASE!!!

    Firefighters, EMTs etc
    I have a special request .....I am making a memory book for my son__John for his 18th Bday this June 30th...__He__is a Cadet firefighter with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue here in__Washington state and attending college to become a Firefighter and I__am hoping to get the support__ of__ firefighters/EMT's, Cadets to write a letter encouraging him, offering advice and maybe share a story even maybe include a Picture or__patch__and I will save them all and make a Memory book for him .I think it would be a book he would treasure forever especially since it would be__comming from people he admires and respects so much .. If this is something you think you might be able to help with please e-mail__me at myjojo422@aol.com__I will print off any letter to add to his__book.
    Thank You
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    Default Thank You All!!!

    Thank you to everyone who sent a letter for my sons Memory Book. Yesterday was his 18th birthday and the book was a HUGE surprise. It was very emotional for both of us. You all helped make his 18th brithday extra special
    Thank you
    Proud mom of John

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