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    Default Cadets And DOA's

    Ok for the record im still a cadet till November

    Recently we had a fatal crash, there was some controversy about Cadets seeing the body, I see no problem with it, your going to eventually have to start dealing with it, and simply if it bothers you just walk away from the area. So whats your opinion on this. Also wouldnt it be hard to NOT see them when us Cadets our doing our jobs like getting lights, flares, landing lights and such out and set up without seeing the person laying there while they are working them? Well whats your opinions?

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    The tough part of these situations is that we don't always know that it's a fatality until we arrive on scene, or worse yet, the patient may die as we're trying to extricate.

    So, the only true way to prevent cadets/explorers/jr firefighters from seeing a dead body is to prohibit them from responding to ANY call. I don't think that's right. They are here to help, and they want to be involved. Some of them can handle a situation like this better than a lot of firefighters.

    My philosophy is that if they are mature enough to be a cadet, they are mature enough to see what we see. We, as experienced firefighters, need to be ready to help them, and make sure they are handling the situation okay - both at the incident and over the next few days, weeks, maybe even months.

    We need to make sure they understand that there's no shame in being upset by these calls. It gets to all of us to some degree. It just means you're human.

    I'm glad you're handling it so well. You may be able to help some of the others who might have trouble with it. Just make sure you support each other. That's what being a firefighter is all about.

    Welcome to the Brotherhood.

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