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    Default Pumping and operating a ladder truck

    Ok we have a Airial, I was thinking and wouldnt you need two people to operate the truck, see you got the pump operator and then you got the platform operator?

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    You could do it with one if you were strapped for personel. our quint currently has ladder controls on the pump panel for that exact reason.
    we try not to do it that much because you are down on the ground and about 20ft away from that turntable and you dont always see exatly where that ladder is lining up at there may be some power lines or other obstacle that you thought was far away come in contact with the apparatus.

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    Our quint was designed for only one operator. The primary set of controls for the aerial are mounted at the pump panel. Although there is no real platform at the base of the stick, there is a small door with a set of hidden controls in case there is a problem at the pump.

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    We just got off a fire in a strip mall. We don't have a quint, but three of the neighboring companies there have em.

    One had everything(pump panel and ladder controls) mounted in the real tailboard area.

    Interesting set up.

    The others had side mounted pump panels w/ extra ladder controls there like k1500chevy97's truck.
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