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    For the first time in my career I do not know how to answer a question about smooth bore nozzles.On the elkhart brass chief series nozzles. If you take a 1.75 nozzle and screw off the fog part you are left with a 15/16 opening which will give you a 100+ gpm. If i increase that opening of 15/16 by screwing on a 1 1/2 tip now I have really incresed my gpm.One of my new members can not see that concept and I do not know how to expalin it. He thinks the shape of stream that the 15/16 makes will go all the way through the 1 1/2 tip and be the same size and gpm on the finished end. He cant see and I dont know how to expalin the expansion of the stream diameter from 15/16 to 1 1/2 tips to give more GPM.

    Please help me.

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    He is correct. If you would increase the nozzle pressure you will get more gpm. But just screwing on a larger tip on the tip you already have will do nothing. The edges of the stream from the .938" nozzle will probably not even hit the sides of your 1.5" nozzle. Remember you need a smaller nozzle than the hose size to increase the velosity of the water to gain stream reach. What you are doing you could get the same result by placing a 1.5" ball valve on the hose, ever look at the quality of that stream?

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