320 mangolia drive. 3 story brick yarn factory 100x300.fire throughout on arrival. 3 5 inch lines laid for supply 3 3 inch lines for supply from portable pumps. 5 master streams in use alonf with 2 deck guns and 5 handlines.
both engines2,ladder3 quints laid in 100 feet both used ladder master stream engines 1,3 laid from hydrant and emgine 3 on hydrant.engine7 laid from hydrany and also quint used ladder master stream.
even with large building no expousre problems were present. good use of water supply and manpower after master dtreams setup held fire to one alarm and 1 entra engine. concord has 8 engines 5 are 75 foot 2000 gpm quints 3 engines are 1750 pumpers. 1 ladder 95 foot 2000 gpm quint.
box alarm engines 1,2,3, ladder 3 rescue 1,3 bc1 s/c engine7 bc off duty.
building was under renovation and ower states damage about 200.000 dollars.largest single building fire in 5 years