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    Exclamation "drive in accident"

    Post subject: "drive in accident"

    We have had our share of "drive in medicals" , but today was first for the Marlborough Fire Department... a drive in accident... in the literal sense!

    At about 1:30 pm, I was on the apparatus floor refinishing the tow hooks of my F-150 when I heard what sounded like a large roll off dumpster being delivered. This is not uncommon, as people are taking advantage of low interest rates, getting home equity loans and renting dumpsters to remove demolition that happens during renovation. There are a few older Victorians and Colonials in my district undergoing renovation.

    My Deputy Chief came over the house PA and stated in a calm, clear voice stated "attention Engine 1 and Rescue 1...we have a car accident in the parking lot on the north side of the building...."

    The Deputy was in the Fire Investigation office using the Internet computer when the accident happened. He looked out the window and saw the crumpled front end in the window and steam rising from the car's radiator.

    A woman driving her late 1980's Oldmobile Cutlass Ciera lost her brakes while driving on Route 85. She tried to hit a tree in an attempt to stop the vehicle, but missed the tree, struck a pickup truck owned by the Massachusetts Highway Department, causing minor damage, then careened across our parking lot and into the administrative side of the building.

    The driver suffered cuts and bruises and was treated by MFD personnel. Patriot Ambulance transported her to Marlborough Hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

    Her car was totalled.

    The Building Inspector, the Chief and the head of Public Facilities, who is in charge of all public buildings in the city were notified and requested to the scene.

    Damage to the building was superficial, the brick veneer was cracked and pushed in a couple of inches. The area she struck had a support column and the steel lintels and sills of the windows were able to withstand the load. There was no damage to the interior walls of the offices in the area.

    I told the Deputy it could have been worse... his new Infiniti FX35 could have been parked there!
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    Good thing the Infiniti wasn't there! It'd be on if they smashed my ride!

    We had a car strike the house next to the end of our parking lot. Guy crested the hill, lost control and flew over the guys yard and into the living room. Guy was ejected and smashed into the front of the house. Unfortunately, he didn't make it.

    But I did have fun saying "Squad 44 to control, in service and on scene."

    Highlight of my night
    "What a WACKER!"

    "When in doubt, pull the 2 1/2."

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    Glad to hear there were no injuries for MFD and no serious injuries from the woman.
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    We used to have "Bingo Ladies" back into our station...but nothing like that! Glad everyone is O.K.
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    Red face Ooooppppsssss.

    Don't think I'd complain if people started bringing the emergencies to the station. After all, Responding is a dangerous time, Right? We had a guy bring his burning Trash truck to the station some years back. Pulled up right in front of the bay doors, too. We got the Engine out anyway, stretched a 3" supply line THRU THE STATION to a hydrant out back, and went to work. Hot, Humid summer day, Lotta fun. With our current Taj Mahal located on a Multi lane road, we get a crash in front/real near the front, from time to time. As to the Infiniti - that would have been one more foreign clunker off of America's roads. Be American-Buy American! Oh, wrong Forum for that, need to be on the Republican thing.......
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    Another one for the "wacky calls" book. I too am glad there were no serious injuries.
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    I was working a paid shift one night when a deputy started pounding on the door and yelling for me. As I opened the door he yelled, "My unit is on fire" and ran around to the side of the building to the parking lot which we share with the Sherrifs Sub Station. I ran followed him to see what he was talking about and as I rounded the corner there was his police curiser with flames coming from his hood and passengers compartment. I ran into the bays, got our first out pumper and drove around to where he was parked while calling it into dispatch. As I pulled to a stop he grabbed the reel line so I put the truck in pump gear and charged the line with water and foam. By the time the first volunteer arrived we had the fire out and the deputy was looking for anything salvagable. One of the things damaged in the fire was a Fire Department issue Motorola 800MHz portable radio which had been left on the front seat by one of our volunteers who had been working as a reserve deputy eariler in that cruiser. Even though the radio was damaged, antenna melted, keys and displayed melted and discolored, etc, the radio still transmitted and was used for a couple of months before being sent in for refurbishment. The cause of the car fire was traced to a bad heater coil.

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