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    Default From a firefighters View

    Ive always wondered just what you actual firefighters think of us explorers and having us around the station. A intresting post stated that explorers are something of a liability on the fire ground. How true and much of a problem is that. And further...to get something out of this...what can we do to help you and ourselves? Thanks

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    Great post quint....I was wondering the same thing myself...anyone out there give us the answers? Thanks!

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    I'll give it a shot since I've been on both sides of the fence. I was the first graduate of my volly dept's Junior program, and afterwards I became the advisor for the Juniors as well as joe-average volly FF. I think the Junior program is an excellent idea, it keeps kids out of trouble and gives them a head start into the fire service. A majority of the teens in the Junior program are great and will be excellent to work alongside once they become senior FFs, but there are a few that are just there for the title of firefighter and tend to become a nuisance. Some advice to you guys wanting to improve, remember to keep your ears open and mouth shut, unless you're asking questions. Always be willing to chip in and help, and remember that you're there to learn and assist us, not to take your pager to school and tell all your buddies that you're a fireman.
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    Why not, I'll bite. I love this job. I love passing this job on to anyone who wants to listen. Most jrs are pretty enthusiastic about everything; even the little crap that can get a bit dull for the rest of us! I never mind taking a respectful JR along, and try to teach them as much as they wanna' learn. I want 110% effort when they're on a scene, at drill, or studying for a class/test. We stopped our program for about two years, and are just starting it up again. I'm looking forward to helping out and being involved.

    That being said, I can't stand kids who come in and think they know it all, or are exempt from rules, or are better than others. Over eagerness is forgivable, but arrogance is tougher, especially in the fire service. Earn your ego, earn that right to be a bit cocky. Remember that until you've been in a number of real structure fires, seen people burned up, etc, you haven't earned the right to be cocky. Not being confident will kill people in this job, but so will overconfidence.
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    Default just a "Q"ey!

    are you an explorer or a cadet?

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