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    Hey People!

    My name is David. For years I always dreamed about becoming a firefighter or a policeman. Then I turned 17, and I knew everything. Typical. So I spent the next few years, going to clubs and dancing and drinking. I moved around the country like a fly moves from dumpster to dumpster with fresh piles of **** all over the alley as well. Nasty thought, but I was unstable, and unhappy. I thought at that moment that my life would only be complete if I just travelled. I even told my parents constantly that my life would consist of travelling the world, and unearthing long forgotten treasures, become famous. Then I became homeless suddenly for two days, and I freaked out.

    So, one thing led to another and I landed my self back in New Mexico, back at home with my parents. And I will tell you something. They are not the kind of parents to sit around and be silent about things to make you feel the weight of your own stupidity. My mother spent her entire life as an educator, and my father in the US Navy. They were the kind to gloat and say, "I told you so!" It ate away at my own courage and when my sister came in for a visit from OK, I ran back to OK with her and lived with her. I quickly took up my old ways, though not with the same gusto as before, and I ended up in a bad relationship. I moved to Norman to be in this relationship, and when it finally ended I found that I had a few friends who were all happy with what they were doing. They were in college, and doing something about their future.

    I figured, well hell, I can go to college, and move off to Los Angeles, and become a famous movie star. I went to OU, filed an application, did my financial aid, and went into the theater department. That was the summer of 1999, and 2 weeks into college, my father called me. He had mesothelioma, and was given 6 months to a year. I was instructed to stay where I was and continue with school. I did, but at the end of the summer my father became deathly ill, and it went downhill from there. So did my grades, as I constantly skipped classes and did not do my homework. I was worried to death, and then in October he died. I went to the funeral and my whole world collapsed around me. My dreams were gone.

    I did not do anything when I got back to school. I re-evaluated my life, and realized I was being a fool. I dropped school like a red adder, and ran. I started my travelling again. Then money from the lawsuit started coming in, and I was able to start doing things I wanted to do. Finally I got fed up with it, and settled into CA, and started coaching Special Olympics. I still do it today, but my life was not whole. Last year in 2003, I got fed up. I moved down to CO where a friend offered me free training as a First Responder, and I thought, hell, even if I don't like it, it is training and something going in a positive direction. Needless to say I fell madly in love with it!! Today, I am back in CA, in Burbank, and am now avidly about to start pursuing my schooling as a Paramedic, and wish to be a Fireman as well.

    Though, since I am certified in CO only, as well as CPR/AED, and First Aid instructor certified, I will have to do those certifications over again. But I believe the time will be well spent, and I hope to meet a lot of you in the line of duty some day. Alive and well, and here is hoping you all stay safe and well. Be good at what you do, and never let anyone get you down. It took me from 17 years old till I was 26 to finally realize that I had a purpose. I may not have known it then, but now I do, and I am loving every minute of it. Wish me luck in my goals.


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    Smile Hi DemonicMed

    I wish you the best of luck. I have read your story and I feel you have the ambition to further any career you choose. Keep reaching for the stars are never give up. Tell you what, when you are working at a station I will go see you and raise hell, take care

    Maribel aka tobey

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