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    Smile FX's Rescue Me with Dennis Leary

    FX has a new original series with Dennis Leary. Denis Leary is a Firefighter with FDNY. Starts July 21st and it looks like it will be pretty good. Here is the link if anyone is interested.


    RESCUE ME, the new one-hour drama starring Denis Leary from Sony Pictures Television, centers on the inner workings of a New York City firehouse and the emotional battles of its members in a post-9/11 world. The new series is scheduled to air Wednesdays at 10 pm on FX.

    Leary stars as Tommy Gavin, a firefighter and father who's struggling to cope with the daily turmoil of his life. After his wife Janet leaves him, Tommy moves into a house across the street from her to stay close to their three children. However, the proximity of their relationship is difficult. Tommy isn't dealing very well with his estranged wife dating other men and uses his kids as spies, paying them to divulge information about Janet's activities.

    Likewise, the stress of his job is really starting to get to him. Tommy is haunted by the memories of September 11 and even hallucinates the ghosts of the family and friends he lost. His subconscious manifests itself in the images of these former firefighters, predominantly his cousin Jimmy who he often confides in. Tommy works hard to conceal his feelings from his firehouse buddies, even though many of them are still suffering as well.

    RESCUE ME features an ensemble cast that includes Jack McGee ("Backdraft") as Chief Jerry Reilly who despite being called "The Good Chief" has a serious gambling problem; he bets on everything, even Tommy's divorce. Stephen Pasquale ("Six Feet Under") is Sean Garrity, a young, handsome guy who is easier to look at than hold a conversation with. Daniel Sunjata ("Law & Order SVU") is Franco Rivera, a cocky, Puerto Rican ladies man. John Scurti ("The Ref") plays Lt. Kenny "Lou" Shea, a man's man who secretly writes poetry to deal with his emotions. Michael Lombardi ("The Job") stars as Mike Siletti, "the probie" who is subject to numerous initiation pranks. Andrea Roth ("Lucky") is Tommy Gavin's ex-wife Janet, and Tommy's hallucination of his deceased cousin Jimmy Keefe is portrayed by actor James McCaffrey.

    Portraying a firefighter is a role Leary holds close to his heart. In 1999, he lost a cousin and a childhood friend in the Worcester, Massachusetts warehouse fire that killed six firefighters. Following this personal tragedy, Denis created The Leary Firefighter's Foundation which was established to provide funding and resources to obtain the highest level of equipment, technology and training for firefighters and to provide resources to families of firefighters who have perished or been injured in the line of duty.

    The foundation also established The Leary Firefighters Fund for New York's Bravest in the wake of the national tragedy on 9/11. By December 2001 the fund had raised over $1.2 million and was evenly distributed to the 343 families. "It's about time there is a show that looks at the lives and great work of New York City firefighters and what goes on beneath the surface of the job you see," says Leary.

    The series was created and written by Leary and Emmyģ award winner Peter Tolan ("The Larry Sanders Show, Murphy Brown"). The duo will serve as executive producers along with Leary's producing partner Jim Serpico. Tolan also directed the pilot and will direct additional episodes throughout the season.

    Dennis Leary also has his own foundation for Firefighters. Here is the link to the foundation website.


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    Yeah, I'll probably watch it, but I'm not thrilled about Dennis Leary..

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    Looked like it might be a good show until you hear Dennis Leary's stupid wannabe badass comment telling a probie class "you better pray you don't get assigned to my firehouse 'cause I have seen it all"....what a crock of SH&*!! Who says that? And if anyone did, wouldn't you think they were the distal end of the sigmoid colon?

    Anybody who has been around this business knows you never see it all...even the FDNY guys, seasoned veterans will tell you that you never stop learning 'till the day you retire or stop answering alarms. Anyone who thinks they have "seen it all" obviously hasn't seen enough to know that they haven't seen it all.

    I'll check it out when the show debuts but I have a feeling this is going to be another Third Watch that makes NYC FF's, cops & EMS look like a bunch of morons. I've put time in NYC*EMS & know what the city is really like...these shows try to glorify it with pretty boys & scripted dramatics that only confuse people more about what we all really do when the SH&* hits the fan.

    Just my 2 cents...Stay Safe....

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    I wonder if cops pick apart cop shows...

    IMO it sounds like one of the best concepts for a fire service show yet....

    Then again I dont own a TV! So I dont know crap about Third Watch and such. Wasnt there a show called LA Firefighters, I remember that sucked.

    I checked out that Leary Foundation, WOW, that guy realy has made a difference IMO.

    I have seen celeberty put to much much worse use...

    LOL, Leary comes across as such a POed guy, bitter and all, its probly going to be so over the top in the series that it will probly tick off a lot of fire officers!

    LOL, then again some of them should listen to themselves.
    -Brotherhood: I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
    -Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of you life is to serve as a warning to others.

    -Adversity: That which does not kill me postpones the inevitable.

    -Despair: Its always darkest before it goes Pitch Black.

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    FX has had some pretty good "orignal" shows such as The Shield & Nip Tuck. I think that if you take the show at it's entertainment value, you'll enjoy it more. If there was a show about what Firefighters truly did the majority of the time, I wouldn't even watch the show. A show of Firefighters testing hydrants, puting together pre-plans, training, washing trucks, checking equiptment and doing station duties wouldn't catch my attention. Don't get me wrong, I'm not playing down the importance of those jobs at all, but, I nkow the majority of my time is spent on the above duties, and not rushing into burning buildings. I really won't want to spend a hour of my time watching a TV show about that, so I understand that when they do this show, they are going to take some artistic license with what Firefighters do. I am looking forward to this show, and plan on watching it for entertainment, I guess, what I'm saying is, it's a Drama show, and hopefully we won't pick every part of the show apart.

    Dennis Leary is a good actor, and I respect him even more knowing what he does for Firefighters.

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    Samson, I think the show you're referring to is "Rescue 77". It was about an LA medic/fire crew. And yeah, it was pretty cheesy. It lasted only one season and was cancelled. I think it was about '98 or '99.

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    ever heard of the search feature.........
    read more

    read the entire thread. Leary knows his stuff.
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    Looked like it might be a good show until you hear Dennis Leary's stupid wannabe badass comment telling a probie class "you better pray you don't get assigned to my firehouse 'cause I have seen it all"....what a crock of SH&*!! Who says that?
    I was noticed that clip in the commercial and was frustrated with its innacuracy also. Just have to remember it's a TV drama...I doubt accuracy is their first (or second or third) priority during filming.

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