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    Default From a Firefighters View...

    I've always wondered just what you actual firefighters think of us explorers and having us around the station. A intresting post stated that explorers are something of a liability on the fire ground. How true and much of a problem is that. And further...to get something out of this...what can we do to help you and ourselves? Thanks

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    I think if the Explorer is properly trained and has discipline than they can be a great asset on the fireground but the ones that arent properly trained and dont follow Orders/Direction that give us Explorers a Bad name i mean we do the dirty work the other guys dont want to like cleanin up hose,tools and trucks.furthermore the fire scenes can be Chaotic at some points i mean just about everyone of us remembers our first fire and how excited we were so its better to get that done and over as quick as possible because there is no substitute for that

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    Default you kids

    cadets/explorer/whatever you call them, they can be a great assest or a major pain in the butt. we have had different classes come through our program and they have to want to be there in order for them to be of any use. the ones that have wanted to be there were some of the best cadets that we have ever had. a few of them have joined the dept since their graduation. the ones that think that its just cool to be a firemen, cool to have the gear, etc, those are the ones that me a fellow FF's cant stand.

    i know that it is hard to weed out the ones that are serious about it and then the ones that just want a good time. another point that i feel helps out alot is it there is a good person there to teach them everything, how it has to be done, and why its done that way.

    so to answer your question engine, a cadet can be a great help or a pain in the butt, but its up to the cadet to decide which they are going to be.

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