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    Default sorry for consecutive posts, but...

    Originally posted by 42VTExplorer
    While underage you need someone that is 18 or older that holds a certification equal to, or higher then your own on scene if you want to practice medicine.
    whoa there skippy, you need to learn your terminology better. you are not practicing medicine. you are also not licenced. these are terms for MEDICAL DOCTORS. you are certified as an EMT, FR, Medic, etc. you do not practice medicine. you operate under medical control. if you are just doing BLS (FR, EMT), most of this is done under standing orders from your Doc or state protocol from your regulatory agency. if you are doing ALS, you utilize either standing orders or, as you so eloquently put it, the "doc in the box." you are acting as an extension of him or her.
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    I would say to the younger people coming into the Fireservice now to go ahead and take NREMT -B, - First Responders really can't do very much and as some have said trying to be phased out. - I did see that NJ does not have First Responder Program ???? Well they do - My company has quite a few certified just recently as well as surrounding communities in our area. - But all that aside take the EMT Course - I never thought I'd say this but you'll be glad you did

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