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Thread: Shorts?

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    Question Shorts?

    Anyone able to wear shorts while on duty? If so what are your regulations on wearing them? Also what kind of shorts do you wear? We are looking for different choices of shorts to wear while on duty, preferably not "EMS" shorts.

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    Hmmm, I always like the shorts sold by Eastern Mountain Sports...

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    Default Umm...

    The kind worn my Richard Simmons. Ok, JOKING!

    We were the basic navy blue athletic short, no pockets.
    I wish we had pockets. They are pretty conservative and
    in length, end a few inches above the knee cap.

    (And they do not say "mayday" on them either!)

    Hope that helps.

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    We are issued 1 pair of uniform shorts. Navey blue with pockets, Can only be worn for specific activities and by the discresion of the company officers. These activities arehysical finess, hose testing, station maintaince,hydrant maintaince. They can not be wornfor ny public education function.

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    in my dept (i am a vollie in a combo dept) shorts are for PT/sleeping only. if you go on a call, you better be putting on a pair of sweat pants or your turnout pants. the shorts the vollies have are pretty long with pockets. the career guys shorts tend to be a bit shorter and have no pockets. that said, i know a couple of people, career and vollie, who have responded to a call in shorts, because it was just too damned hot, or they forgot they were wearing shorts.

    the career dept is experimenting with some new uniform types, namely a totally cotton uniform, and one that is all nomex. the cotton uniform allows for shorts (i believe you would call them "EMS" style shorts...navy blue, down to the knee or so, but no cargo pockets) i honestly have no idea if they are allowed to wear them on PR duty or what not. i do know that the few career FF who volunteered for the uniform testing are loving life now that it is summer time. but i also know some people who would never wear shorts for fear of getting blood on their legs. some are arguing against it based on some regulation that requires long pants and long sleeves to be worn under turnouts to prevent steam burns.

    hope this helps. i am not really sure what you mean by "EMS shorts"
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    We are allowed to wear shorts as of this year but we haven't been issued them yet (we'll probably get them in the winter). We are allowed, however, to purchase shorts to wear black or navy blue approximate 11 inch inseam. I don't think anyone will volunteer to measure though. If we wear shorts we have to wear our bunker pants to medical calls.

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    We wear navy blue Propper or Dickies. They may be worn any time unless you are doing business inspections. It is also advised that we do not wear them on grass fires due to decreased protection.

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