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    Default Public Awareness of Poorly Funded Emergency Response...

    I was wondering if anyone has advice on making the public aware of poorly funded emergency service's in their city? The fire dept. sometimes has two fire fighters on duty, three including the commander and two cops on duty, three including the commander that cover about 37,000 citizens (48,000 when college is in session). One ambulance covers a city area of about 50,000 citizens, NOT including the county and NOT including when college is in session which brings the city area to over 61,000+. Again, that does not include the county). The neighboring city (about 13,000) has their own pol./fire department. The ambulance is used to cover each city and the county.

    Of course, this is not the fire, ems, or police's fault, rather it's the city who does not consider the safety of it's citizens, not to mention the emergency workers who are placed in greater danger when backup is needed.

    I'm concerned for the safety of everyone and would appreciate some advice for the best way to help bring attention to it. Thanks
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