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    Question Community Smoke Detector Programs

    Our department is looking to start a smoke detector program in the community specifically for the elderly. I was wondering if anybody has a similar program in their community to give us some ideas and point us in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    We had a program which was funded orginally funded by departmewnt funds and was available to owners and renters which was later replaced by a federal grant for anyone that owned a home, including the elderly. Based on that experience let me give you a few pointers ...
    1) The WHOLE department must be FULLY COMMITTED to the program as it
    has the potential of eating up quite a bit of manpower and time,
    especailly if you include the component of yearly follow-up
    visits to check on the batteries. I can't stress this enough as
    enthusiasm may be very high in the begginning but it will wane as
    the workload increases down the line.
    2) Make sure the chain of command in the program is very clear and
    all contacts and scheduling goes thru on person who has the
    authority to make changes without having to seek out a chief
    officer to make those changes.
    3) Develop a training program and have it completed before you
    advertise the program.
    4) Have specific installation procedures to be followed all the time
    5) Start out publizing the program slowly as it has the potential
    to swamp your resources quickly. It will also take a little time
    to work out the bugs in your system (we used 2 man installation
    teams assigned installations on a rotating basis). For
    example ... initially let your local agency on the aging or
    meals on wheeels know about the program and then wait 3-4 weeks
    to gauge how many installations that will give you . If you have
    not been overwhelmed let another agency that works with seniors
    know then again wait a few weeks ..if still not overwhelmed then
    make a general announcement to the public using local media.
    6) Make sure funding is committed for at least 3 years .. again
    this is EXTREMLY important for the community continiuty and is
    very if you plan on a battery replacement component as well.

    If you wish any additional information or program spcefics feel free to e-mail me at firesafetyed@aol.com

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