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    Default Digital Cameras

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a digital camera to carry on a rescue truck? I'm looking for something durable that with about 3 megapixels and 3x or more optical zoom. Plus, what would you recommend for media storage? Memory stick/card, floppy, etc.? It won't be used for investigation purposes, just for scene pics, etc. We currently have a Sony Mavica with the battery door broken off.....

    Also, something under $300.

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    Default My dig. cam...

    Hi there...I use an older Sony Mavica, 1.6 megapixels with the floppy drive and love it. I understand you want something better, but this has been working for me.

    Good luck, Bou

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    I use the Sony Mavica CD250. It is a great camera and takes alot more pics than the average Mavica. I ware a floppy disc Mavica out and bought this one. I use iot on my rescue truck all the time.
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    I have a Kodak Easy Share, I can't remember what model, but it was only $130 at Wal~Mart. It's been a good camera, takes great pictures. I'll post back when I find out the model #.
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    I got a HP Photosmart 435, it a 3.1 mega pixel and can take movies with audio and is pretty ruggard. It comes with photo software,printer dock and photo cables.
    It $128 at Wal-Mart and has a 16MB internal memory. With the 64MB SD($28) card I can hold 770 "Good" quality pics,plus you also got internal memory too.

    Wal-Mart also has a pretty good starter kit for $20 bucks that includes a mini tripod,4 rechargeable batterys with charger,camera bag, camera cleaning kit and memory card wallet.

    The only potential downside is you need USB ports and Windows XP on your computer.

    I love it and the quality is great.
    Hope this helps.
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    I'd recommend the Olympus C-740. It's a 3MP Ultra zoom (10x optical, 40 x dig). I think you can get it for about $300 even. I have hte same camera, but with 4 MP. It's an awesome cam for everyone, 'cause it has really easy auto settings and full control for people who want it/know how to use it! I also use it to do some freelance and/or motocross work, and it's held up really well!!!

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    Default Fuji!

    After much research, I bought a Fujifilm FinePix S5000. There are three models in the series -- a S3000, S5000 & S7000. Mine can shoot at six megapixels with 3.1 effective megapixels. It does a fabulous job. OfficeDepot.Com sells the S5000 for $399. The S3000 is nearly as good for a bit less.

    What I like about the camera is that you can either go fully automatic or manually adjust every possible setting. It uses XD media cards. I have a 128 MB card and it holds somewhere around 70 photos in 6 megapixel mode. Here's a sample shot taken with my own camera...

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