The Gardner Lake Volunteer Fire Company Cadets are intrested in setting up a buddy program with any other Junior,explorer, or cadet that would like to participate. With this buddy program we would like to exchange training ideas, go on field trips, and create friendships with other members whom are intrested in EMT and Fire. If you are intrested in participating in this please contact me by email at:

Here is just a glisp of our Cadet department:
We have about 6 members whom are between the ages of 14-18. At 18 years old our members turn into senior members. We have two meetings a month. Our cadets participate in trainings and courses (CFA), we also like to do fun stuff together outside the firehouse. We are located in the town of Salem, near Colchester. Our membership has officers and we are able to ride along on calls.

Any feedback would be greatly appericated and like I said that if you would like to participate drop me a line by email. Thanks