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    We were out on this for over 3 hours before the Gas Company figured out that they were purging this 16" main with nitrogen in preparation for repairs:

    Another Gas Leak Hits Toledo

    TOLEDO -- For the second straight day, a gas leak struck part of the Toledo area.

    Just before 9pm Wednesday, a man driving an all-terrain vehicle near Stickney Avenue and Alexis Road heard a loud rushing sound coming from the woods. When fire crews arrived, they found a 16-inch gas line had been cut.

    Crews immediately closed Stickney Avenue and stopped train traffic on the tracks running next to the leak. Nearby homes were not evacuated, but crews kept a close watch in the leak.

    Fire crews found a backhoe near the leak and believe someone may have been illegally digging in the area.

    Toledo Fire had a big gas leak the day before:

    People Home After Gas Leak
    WEST TOLEDO -- People are back in their homes after a huge gas leak Tuesday afternoon in west Toledo. It happened around 4:30pm in the 2800th block of Northwood Avenue. That's a couple of blocks from The Toledo Hospital.

    A homeowner in that block told News 11 that she called Toledo's Department of Public Utilities to report a water leak, and it was that water crew that hit the gas line. A spokesman for the department said there was a 2-inch gas line and a 12-inch gas line that had been marked in that area. The workers who were digging say they stayed away from those lines, but hit a 6-inch gas main that they say was not marked.

    When the line was ruptured, the fire department assessed the situation, then evacuated about 60 homes in the area. The gas also drifted toward The Toledo Hospital, so the fire department called in a second alarm in case the hospital had to be evacuated.

    The Toledo Hospital also diverted ambulances away, and closed its heliport in order to keep helicopters from igniting the gas in the air.

    Many who were evacuated from their homes had to leave their pets behind in the mad scramble to leave. You could hear the hissing gas a block away from the break. That made for a lot of anxiety while people waited for the all-clear to be sounded. Many had to wait outside while the heat hovered in the high 80's with high humidity. The city brought in two air-conditioned TARTA buses to make it a little more bearable.

    While the gas spewed into the neighborhood, officials from the city, the fire department, Columbia Gas, and The Toledo Hospital met to determine the best course of action. The gas company wanted to lower the pressure in the lines in that area in order to make repairs, but Columbia Gas didn't want to do that if it would affect operations at the hospital.

    In the end, The Toledo Hospital was able to switch to another source of fuel, allowing Columbia Gas to lower the pressure and cut off the supply to the broken line.

    People were allowed back into their homes about two hours after the line was severed. The fire department let them back in their homes after checking each one for gas accumulation. They were concerned that the gas could pool in basements, then be sparked by a pilot light or an electric light switch.

    We're definitely brushing up on big natural gas leaks and evacuation procedures in this area...

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    Sounds kinda scary
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    Natural gas leak prompts evacuation

    By Norm Narvaja

    MANSFIELD -- The city police and fire departments closed off the intersections of East Third and North Main streets after a natural gas leak Wednesday.

    Mansfield Fire Department Capt. Jason Voelp said his unit was called at about 5 p.m.

    "We responded to a large natural gas leak in front of the Key Bank building," he said. "The construction crews working on the sidewalk evacuated the building before we arrived."

    Police blocked off the intersections of East Third and Mulberry streets, and East Fourth and North Main streets. Three fire engines and about 10 firefighters responded.

    Workers from Columbia Gas of Ohio arrived with police and firefighters. Voelp said they were at the scene to replace a gas line valve and close the leak. Six workers from Columbia Gas used piledrivers and a construction vehicle to dig to the gas line. Workers concentrated on a section of sidewalk directly in front of the bank.

    Voelp said a small amount of gas went into the Key Bank building, but most of the gas flowed outside and into the building's underground vault area.

    He said they used a high pressure fan to flush out gas from the vault and the building after Columbia Gas shut off the leak and replaced the valve.

    The intersections were reopened by 6:30 p.m., and there were no injuries, Voelp said.

    The odor of natural gas wafted north along Main Street. Although most businesses at the intersection had already closed for the day, the events caught workers and patrons at Athens Greek Restaurant off guard. The restaurant is across the street from the bank.

    "We didn't smell anything or know what was happening until the firefighters showed up," cook Steve Fliger said. "They just pulled up and closed everything off."

    Fliger said he was worried the restaurant's dinner-time business would be hurt because of the closings.

    Cheryl Gieseman, who also works at Athens, said a few of their customers almost passed on having a meal because they thought the restaurant had the gas line problem. Gieseman gave water to firefighters working on the scene.

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    Moe, your not the only one!!! The city was out on one and so was we Monday.
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