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    Hey WEBTEAM!
    This thread should be the sticky at the top of firefighters forum page. Instead of debateing about a TV show,how about we debate something that MATTERS........or would this be a unknown precident for us?
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    Have been away for awhile, and worked on getting caught up with this thread. A couple of thoughts...

    1. Sure, if we do good Fire Prevention there will still be fires. But there won't be as many, and they will typically be smaller. We will always have to train and be prepared, but 1-2 hrs of Quality Fire Prevention is not tough, and I will go out on a limb to say hardly anyone is doing it right now.

    2. Someone made a comment about Fire Prevention budget increase will effect Fire Supression. That's my point. Fire Prevention is not a Division, it's not something the "Boys in the Bureau" handle, it needs to be something we all do.

    3. Fire Prevention needs to stop being the step child, or the place we send to get him out the companies. It's gonna take an attitude change. We have to stop feeling sorry for Fire Victims, and realize the victims are you and I who have higher insurance rates from some idiot doing something really stupid to have a fire. Accidents happen, but most accidental fires are preventable...

    Ok... done ranting....

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    I am not going to advocate that the following is the "Only Way", but it might be a part solution. I got this from the Safety Smart ezine that comes to me each week. This was one of the topics from


    Jail for dodgy bosses 'more likely'

    By Samantha Baden July 21, 2004

    THE pursuit of dodgy bosses through the industrial court would net more convictions for workplace deaths than introducing an industrial manslaughter charge, a conference was told today.

    About 300 union delegates, business leaders and politicians are meeting in Sydney to discuss the best way of legislating to deal with work deaths caused by negligence.

    A NSW government-ordered inquiry, chaired by legal expert Ron McCallum, last month recommended penalties for workplace deaths be toughened under the State's Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Act and administered by the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

    This was in stark contrast to the findings of a NSW Upper House committee chaired by Christian Democratic MP Fred Nile, which recommended a new offence of corporate manslaughter be introduced under the Crimes Act.

    Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca was heckled today by angry construction union members over his insistence that strengthening the existing OH&S laws would make convictions easier to secure.

    "If you don't think I'm fair dinkum, I'm sorry but I am," Mr Della Bosca told the forum which had been organised by the Building Trades Group of Unions (BTU).

    "My view remains that in cases of industrial death there should be jail penalties."

    But strengthened OH&S laws were the best way to achieve convictions and send negligent bosses to jail, he said.

    A NSW employer now faces jail only if convicted of responsibility for a second workplace death.

    Mr Della Bosca has said changes he has flagged to workplace death legislation would allow the two-year jail term to apply to first offenders.

    "I am absolutely concerned and absolutely determined that we'll eventually have in place a legal framework that holds those people who make decisions responsible," he said.

    "In the next few weeks I hope to be refining some propositions for public debate and in the next few months I expect to be taking something to the parliament by way of recommendations for reform."

    Professor McCallum said every worker's death was a tragedy.

    "Deaths occur at all workplaces ... and every death diminishes us all," Prof McCallum said.

    But the first priority should be to develop laws that resulted in convictions.

    "We want to punish those who cause workplace death. I think going down the unique track of our Industrial Relations Commission and having a special offence under the Occupational Health and Safety Act is an easier way to go to ping them than using the criminal law."

    Robyn McGoldrick, whose 17-year-old son Dean died in 2000 in a construction site accident, said she favoured any legislative change that would result in safer workplaces.

    "I'm not going to get justice for my son, but if people get out there and listen, and ... go away and are more careful and take better care of the young ones, then that's a good thing."

    Would anyone from the Auzzie Contingent have anything to add or comment on regarding? Local insight is always good.
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    I recommend this be stickied also.
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    I have noticed that there have been several fatal heart attacks suffered in the last week.
    We can train to the Nth degree, but if we don't take care of ourselves, Death will sneak up on us in the form of a heart attack.
    Good decisions with regard to our health are important too.
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    Scary that a thread like this would die. Look at the number of LODD's so far this year .....
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