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    Question Is This Big Brother Or A " Wow - Way Kuul" Thing?

    I am caught between thinking this is really way kull, to wondering if it's going to become one of those Big Brother is Watching you things.....

    Identity card proposal floated
    Ontario to adopt biometric technology on driver's licences

    Sarah Staples CanWest News Service Thursday, July 08, 2004

    An influential organization representing U.S. and Canadian drivers' licence bureaus is developing a proposal for a de facto North American identity card: a biometric licence for 300 million people that could be fed through law enforcement databases to nab holders of multiple forged licences.

    Such a card would require the creation of the largest database of biometric data in the world -- potentially to include digital images of a person's face or eye, or electronic fingerprints.

    The move comes as Ontario becomes the latest Canadian province to signal it will tighten security on major pieces of identification: It has quietly just revealed plans to adopt biometric technology on health cards and driver's licences. A spokesman would not rule out the possibility of merging the two cards into a single "smart" ID even though a similar proposal by the previous Conservative regime was abandoned in 2002 after it was panned by privacy critics.

    The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, a quasi-governmental body whose members are mainly state and provincial ministries of transportation, has finished the first stage of a multi-year evaluation to gauge whether a common biometric licence could be applied across AAMVA jurisdictions, including Canadian provinces.

    A report by International Biometric Group, produced last January and released to AAMVA members in September 2003, reviewed available research on biometrics before concluding more study is needed to decide whether a North American identity card supported by a massive database of fingerprints, iris or facial scans is technically feasible.

    Marked "Confidential" and with an advisory it is "intended for dissemination within the AAMVA member jurisdiction community only," the report, titled "Phase I: Technical Capability of Biometric Systems to Perform 1:300 million Identification," was later posted on AAMVA's Web site as an addendum to a status report on driver's licence security.

    Although a decision would ultimately rest with lawmakers in the U.S. and Canada, the initiative is being fast-tracked at the highest levels of AAMVA, according to a second report subsequently produced by Fischer Consulting Inc., which offers a detailed blueprint for further action, including gauging political and public support.

    Times Colonist (Victoria) 2004

    I think in spirit, its a great idea, but I can see some potential unhappiness in it too.
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    Problem is any time you go to a single "standard" it becomes that much easier to corrupt the entire system.

    Having disparate systems and having to think through the process of reconciling them does help weed out problems and limit them when the occur.

    Crack, say, California's licensing system you've cracked only 1/10th the U.S. population; moreover other places have healthy skepticism of "how do we know this is valid?"

    Crack a nation/continent wide system, you've justed "rooted" us to use a computer parlance...and everyone is trusting this single system so you don't have the checks & balances.
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