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    Talking Is He "REAL" Dead Or "FAKE" Dead?

    I just could not resist:

    Undercover Trauma Training Mannequin

    LCdr Ben Wahl Wing Surgeon 5 Wing, Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

    A recent incident at 5 Wing Goose Bay involving an Emergency care Simulator(ECS)or “simulation man”, the new and extremely realistic medical Trauma Training Mannequin, revealed a unique safety concern. The incident involved a member of the cleaning staff who entered a room and encountered the mannequin covered with a sheet. Believing that it was a dead body, the employee did a very dramatic imitation of the “dead” mannequin. Fortunately, the incident did not result in an injury or a heart attack.

    Although we found that covering the mannequin with a sheet was good practice for an exercise scenario, it became clear that non-medical personnel have no sense of humour when unexpectedly encountering “a corpse”. This incident produced other effects:

    Much staff time was consumed to “treat” the traumatized cleaner so the person would feel safe enough to remain in the building for the rest of the day;

    Considerable time and effort were required to convince the traumatized cleaner to return to the building; and

    It might also have been necessary to send all cleaners to the MIR to view the mannequin to ensure that other would not have a similar experience. (This didn’t occur in this case because the entire cleaning staff came on their own initiative, perhaps out of interest, fear, or curiosity).

    In conclusion, almost scaring someone to death was not what we had in mind for a “simulation man” demonstration!

    Photo credit: Capt Cavell Simmonds and Cpl Dale Wannamaker “operate” the “simulation man”.
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    Has anybody offered the mannequin 'Post Traumatic Stress' counselling?

    I mean to say, that nasty cleaner must have scared the heck out of it.
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    The next story we hear will involve cleaners who became so thoroughly acclimated to the simulator that they came across a real cadaver and promptly dusted and Swiffer-ed it.
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    Hmmm, does leaving the rescue randys in the generator room with the lights out still in their coveralls count? every dang time we open those doors we get the poop scared out of us.

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