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    Default What The Heck ! ?

    Come on Governor, say it aint so. Please release for statewide dissemination ASAP

    Just received a call that the Governor is contemplating the legalization of Class C fireworks for Illinois. This would legalize firecrackers, roman candles, and many other dangerous products. The Illinois Fire Safety Alliance is adamantly opposed to this legislation and request that you call your local state elected officials now. We have come so far in the last couple years with making Illinois a safer community through legislative efforts in regards to fireworks. It was not clear whether where this possible legislation will show up (House or Senate?). I have been told that it may surface this afternoon.

    Thanks for your help.

    Mike Figolah
    President, Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
    Mount Prospect Fire Chief
    (847) 417-4408

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    Just another way for Gov. Blog to make money for the state.

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    Apparently, the Gov wants to keep the sales tax for fireworks from going to Indiana and Missouri!
    Legalize Class C fireworks after we worked so hard to outlaw them.
    While he's at it; I mean, if he's looking for ways to create a revenue stream, why don't he eliminate the waiting period when buying fire arms? That would certainly sell more guns, creating more sales tax. He could lower the driving age to 14 years old. Let's put more irresponsible kids behind the wheels of fast moving vehicles. Blago would sell more cars for more sales tax and he would sell more drivers' licenses.
    I'm sure if I think about it, I could come up with some more Blago ideas to raise money.
    When all else fails, he could just ask daddy-in-law for it!
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