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    Default Size it up...

    Interested in some opinions...

    Granted this is only a preliminary size-up from outside, don't know the floor plan inside, etc...

    I'm thinking the room on the top right is still (barely) compatible with life -- give it a quick squirt and aggressive search while hose team goes on to the center & left rooms?

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    my department ran on an apartment fire like that ~6 months ago. We rolled with a crew of 5 on our engine, and due to all the calls control was recieving, we requested a neighboring paid company's telesquirt(which comes w/ a crew of 2). We rolled on scene, hit it with a burst from the deck gun(not full blast, the gun was gated back about half way and running at 100 psi) into the main fire area that was visible. Two of the interior firefighters went in to search the area that was (supposedly) occupied while the remaining two entered to hit the fire with 1 3/4 line with a smoothbore nozzle. Being left outside, I was given instructions to request the tank water from the incoming truck while they established a hydrant connection. I did so and one of the two guys coming in took over on the pump and the other went in to back our guys up.

    The fire was controlled in 15 minutes and the building was found to be totally unoccupied(everyone had escaped, but the person they thought was in was actually out of town).

    Of course, our fire floor wasn't as well involved as yours was.

    I don't know if I'd do what you did. The fire is already through the roof, and if you look, you have fire rolling over the ceiling of that room you mentioned. I don't think anyone would still be alive in there by the time you got there. So I probably wouldn't risk it.

    We will risk a lot to save a lot: Savable lives.
    We will risk a little to save a little: Savable property.
    We will risk nothing to save what is already lost.

    Like I said, that floor on this side looks like a lost cause.

    Instead, I'd take that ladder in the right side, extend it, point the pipe straight down into that hole in the roof, and get it on. Once the heaviest portions are knocked down, I'd maybe send a hose team in there.

    But remember: I'm just a junior w/ a year of experience.
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