Wildfires in Nevada already have burned far more acres this summer than during all of 2003 and the worst is yet to come. Windy warm weather, dry brush, and trees are ingredients found around our area and act as the perfect fuel for wildfires. http://www.kvbc.com/Global/story.as...81&nav=15MVOdyd

Another great victory for the Less is More gang at the
US Forest Service and the BLM who bring Americans this

Interior Secretary Gail Norton and other federal officials have been downplaying the role of the (large) air tankers in the wake of the decision to keep them from helping with fires.


downplaying the role of the (large) air tankers?

Why OF COURSE you would downplay the role of large
air tankers if you never had any, having grounded 'em all
for safety reasons, and then failing to go after the only one
in the world which can save your people from catastrophe.