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    I have been looking into subscribing to the MembersZone and was curious if those of you that are members find it useful or worth it? Do you also subscribe to the magazine along with the site?

    I am currently an explorer with a full-time department and will be taking fire classes at our local college and am hoping to be able to volunteer around here when I am of age to do so and of course test for paid departments.

    A lot of the stuff would be over my head right now like the in depth tactical stuff but some of the more basic stuff I find on here is interesting, like the fitness section and some of the basic stuff and discussions. Another major reason for my interest in subscribing is for the jobs listings. How does this part compare to other sites that offer similar job postings?

    Thanks for any information.

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    My Opinion...
    and only my opinion, is that if you use it for all the content, it is well worth it. If you are just a forum user, it would be a waste of money. I routinely use the training articles, search for jobs, and pretty much use all the other "member content" at one time or another. There are a tremendous amount of resources available if you're involved in a training "capacity" for your dept. I guess one way of looking at it is how many times have you clicked on a link only to find out that it is members only content? If that happens a lot, and you get ****ed off because you can't read what you want/need to, you should probably consider joining
    Brian Rowe
    Colleton County Fire/Rescue

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    I too have been thinking about joining the MemberZone. However, because I know the limitations of the free membership, I have not tried to connect to some of the MemberZone areas.

    Medic162 has a good point, and I will try it for a while. See how much I am denied access to. If it is significant, then I will join.

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    I am a charter member and a strong advocate of the quality of the features.
    They have some of the finest fire service personnel writing articles.
    By the time you factor in email and such, it's a bargain.
    Try it for a year. If not happy, don't re-new.
    Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
    RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)

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