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    Default Whadya know, those protocols actually work...

    Being careful not to reveal too much and violate HIPPA...

    Two relatively recent calls for the same patient.

    Respond to one of our several institutions in town. Elderly patient with an unwitnessed fall, question of hip and/or arm dislocation/fx/something. Ok, full body vacuum splint and let's collar per protocol.

    Fast forward a month, hmmm, that room number seems familiar. Ambulance was out real quick, so I walk in as the first responder/officer just as patient is being transferred from the bed to cot. Now you don't normally see elderly patients wearing collars you haven't put on them,"What's up with the collar?" "Fracture to C-4 a month ago."

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    Yupp - Protocol is the ultimate CYA device on the market.

    I collard & did a standing take down backboard to a "walking wounded" MVA Pt. (that wanted to refuse care till we talked them into going) only to find out on follow up that the Pt. had a C2 Fx !!!

    Talk abt. pucker factor when I heard that one!
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    This happens more than most folks would suspect. About 20 years ago, my lovely bride was among those who responded to a call for a Water Rescue. Turns out that a young man dove into a pool in a small stream, striking his head. He was placed on a board and collared as he was found, IN THE WATER! Once in the Ambulance, he continued to complain of neck pain. Several EMTs worked to ease the pain, and my wife held traction all the way to the Hospital. as they were leaving the ER, an extremely excited Doctor ran out, waving an xray film showing a "C" fracture, in the manner known as (here anyway) a "Hangman's fracture". The young man should, according to some, have died prior to help arriving.
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