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    Question Used Utility Truck

    My department is researching the use of a utility vehicle for off-road rescues, general equipment hauling, etc. I am needing a good website to where I can go and research used fire utility trucks or military surplus trucks. I also need a good recommendation on what we should be looking for in a good off road utility truck. I was thinking maybe a 4dr chevy or jeep. I need an opinion on what other FD's use.



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    Get a surplus HUMMER ambulance...

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    In our department we use a Jeep as a utility vehicle. It goes almost anywhere and has the ability to carry some equipment. The problem is that you can only move two people and we only take 50 gallons of water with us. Another idea would be to get an ATV or two and trailor them with a 4x4 SUV.

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    My Department bought an used Type III ambulance and converted it into a utility vehicle. The conversion included taking out the cot and equipment on the floor to hold the cot, onboard oxygen, and taking the cabinets out inside the box. We then had the CPR seat extended so that there is a bench seat on each side of the box and two SCBAs in brackets. It has worked great for us - carries lots of equipment and personnel. Perhaps if you wanted a 4x4, you could do a similar conversion with a Type I ambulance? Just an idea. Good luck.

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    Check with the State Forester's Office in your state, there is a Federal Program that provides surplus government vehicles to VFDs thru the state forestry departments in most states. Here in Maryland, many VFDs have gotten 4X4 Pickups and built brush trucks from them. There are vehicles other than pickups available. Let us know how you make out.
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    Here in VT we have the same program.

    One town received two military blazers (one for PD and Fire) and I believe 3 deuce-and-halfs (for brush work).

    Another department in the state has a used military pickup truck.

    I believe a Vermont town received an ambulance from the Air-Guard because it could not be used due to licensing balogna..

    The vehicles are definately out there if you look.

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    A LOT of good vehicles available thru your state forester from military surplus. They also can get from GSA surplus.

    Military surplus vehicles available are 85% milspec and 15% civilian. MANY MANY good late model 2.5T available now with low miles. Also 813 series 5T trucks. Likely what you want for your application. There a still mid 80s Chevy CUCCV pickups (1t Diesel Auto) available. Limited load capacity so if you want to haul water (wildland truck) pretty limited by widely used.

    I held out until I found exactly what we wanted. Tracked down and received an Air Farce surplus 1988 International 1856 4x4 dump truck. 100% civilian truck, Diesel, Automatic, 24000mi. Only cost was driving 350mi to pickup. Remove dump box (sell), install alum flatbed, 600gal tank, boxes, pump, etc for wildland truck.
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