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    Ok we have talked about having a picture shoot, carwashes, pancake breakfast, car show, spagetti dinner and other stuff to raise some money to buy some things. Does anyone have any input on any other types of fundraisers? Are biggest problem is getting people to participate, but they grump and gripe about things but never help out on things. So any input is helpful, also were doing fundraisers to help buy a Gator, and probably other things.

    There has been some talk about going ahead and buying the things we need and then doing a fundraiser to replenish the money we spent for what ever we bought, anyone have pros, and cons on this?


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    Default fundraising

    Now, I dont know how big of a department you have or how big the cummunity is that you serve, but here are some of the ideas we have came up with and used at our department. Couple of years ago, we started having a Bar-BQ chicken for the public. The dinners we seel consist of a 1/2 bar-bq chicken, slaw, baked beans, roll, dessert, drink for the cost of $6.00. This usually generates about $1,200.00 in profit after everything is paid for. Most of the deserts are donated by elderly women from local churches. Also another fund raiser we just started is a letter drive. We received a grant from FEMA this year and we needed to come up with 10% of the grant so we decided to do a letter drive. The letter drive has been going for about 1 1/2 weeks now and we have received almost $3,000.00 in donations. I think but I am not for sure it only costed us about 4 or 5 hundred to do the drive. This is all I can think of for right now. If I can offer any assistance please feel free to let me know.


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    My dept has found that a mail out is the way to go for us. we recive about 14%return national average for a mail out is 5%.our community of about 4500 homes in a 32 square mile area,and gowing fast. what we do is a mail out to every house and bussines that asks for a donation of 25.00 and they recive a free 8x10 picture. all the home owner has to do is fill out the card and return it with a check and indicate on the card that they want the free picture.we have found out that most do not want the picture.we pay a fee of 3.50 per picture that is made and if the family buys anything eles from the photo shop we don't pay anything so most of the time we don't pay anything to the shop. we usually raise about 20k from the fundraiser and don't do alot of work. the photo shop sets up all the times for the taking of the picture and then to view them.the only down fall is getting all the addresses to start and then checking them in expanding start we used a "blue book" and then got out and rode the streets to make sure they were right. alot of work to get started but has worked well for us. hope this help or if this makes no sense to u let me know that to and i will try to help out not all that good a writing my thoughts.

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    My department has sold 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles over the past two years with a pretty good amount of success. We were looking for money to purchase a TIC and other assorted gear for the Firefighters. Like anywhere we had members who want the money for the new equipment but can't seem to find it in themselves to help out. We had about ten members who committed to help along with their assorted family members and friends. This grew old real fast for some but it was a manageable amount of helpers. A few more would have been nice. The first year we purchased a trailer for about a grand to haul this thing around on. We got a 10x20 foot EZ-UP Canopy borrowed to us from a member to cover it all and had several members work on display items like a TV to show assorted FF and EMS tapes. Found a local dealer who agreed to give us the bike at msrp, and got with organizers of Fairs and Festivals to set up our summer schedule. I believe it was about 6 or 8 weekend festivals and 1 fair that ran 10 days. We sold tickets for $5 a piece or a book of 6 for $25. A local bar picked up the printing of these tickets and also had a voucher for a free drink associated with it as long as they got to have their name printed on them. The first year after expenses I believe we cleared over 15K and the second year was about 20K. The final numbers were from event sales as well as individual member sales.

    I know the whole Harley thing has been milked pretty good since the 100th but their sales are still better than ever. If you do decide to go this route a few things we learned are 1st: don't automatically go with the lowest priced bike. (sportster) Low Riders are good economical choices and one of the best sellers. You get alot more interest from people with this one verses a Sportster. 2nd: work a deal with the dealer that if by a predetermined date you do not have X amount of dollars you can return it. Obviously beat them up all you can on price but don't be surprised if sticker is all you get. And last, bring small trinkets for children, some turn-out gear and a Polaroid instant camera and film. You get the kid's attention and Mom & Dad are soon to follow and they all tend to be very generous.

    This year sadly, we decided not to have one since membership is down. If we ever decide to do it again I for one would help. since there's just a small amount of set-up and tear down associated with an afternoon of standing around, talking to people, and basically taking their money, you can't beat it.

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    You guys mentioned letters. Could you explain that more and what kinds of things you say in them?

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