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    Lightbulb When Is EMS more important that Fire

    In the past years emergency medical services has become a more important role in the fire servcie. Beginning in the 70's with your basic medical service and now into a new century with Paramedic's being the ultimate pre-hospital provider. The question I have is when does the importance of EMS become to much. I have been made aware of fire departments who make the LT postion available to Engineer's and Paramedics with both positions be able to test. I am not here to argue which who would make the better Lt. But is skipping the Engineer a necessary step to filling the Lt position? Or should all Lt.'s have to have experience in all areas of the job? I have always thought of myself as knowledgeable in all aspects of firefighting because I had experience in all aspects and that includes EMS also. And I dont believe I would be the Lt. I am today without the experience in all these fields. I would like feedback with others opinions.

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    First let me explain how we operate. We (and most area depts) run ALS engines with at least 3 (most times 4) FF/EMT's and FF/Medics. In our situation its a good idea for the LT to be a medic, as its easier for one medic to keep an eye on another. It would be hard for an EMT to question the actions of a medic on his crew as far as patient care (I speak from experiance here).

    If your talking a Lt on a BLS unit then no, it shouldnt matter if your an EMT or medic.

    On the other part of your question, yes. The Lt. had better have experiance at EVERY postion on the rig. If you as a Lt are going to question my actions as a driver/engineer, you had better "walked a mile in my shoes"


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    First and foremost the Lieutenant on an Engine is a firefighter, he just has more responsibility.
    I don't necessarily agree that engineer should be a prerequisite for Lieutenant. My department requires medic as a condition of employeement and we only have two officers left who have never been medics.
    I would have a problem with a medic that has never been on an engine being a fire officer. If you have good, fair requirements for lieutenant then I guess you get who you get. My .02 is that the firefighter should be a good firefighter and have experience on the fireground. Admin can be taught, not experience.

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    Smile Experience Helps, But.................

    I've served with, and for, a couple of Chiefs over the years, who were never Engineers. I asked one why, and he said he was not comfortable driving anything bigger than a suburban. If he wasn't comfortable, then he shouldn't do it, as I see it. A very good Chief, but not a Driver. Never a problem because of it.
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