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    Default He is at it again

    Hot Rod the Gov is at it again. We have been trying to get enhanced 911 here for several years. The County and City of Quincy fund our system and have refused to budget any funds for enhanced. This year they both set aside money to work towards going enhanced and now The Gov has raided the states wireless fund. This is an article from the Quincy Herald Whig today.

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004
    By Edward Husar

    Herald-Whig Staff Writer

    The director of the Quincy/Adams County 911 system is concerned that Gov. Rod Blagojevich's diversion of $1.3 million in 911 funding could impact the county's efforts to implement an enhanced 911 program.

    Steve Rowlands said he received an announcement from the Illinois chapter of the National Emergency Number Association showing Blagojevich diverted the money from the state's wireless 911 fund on June 30 as part of an effort to balance the state budget.

    Money from the 911 fund is distributed to 911 systems across the state to maintain existing 911 systems and implement new services, including technology that lets 911 centers pinpoint the location of calls coming from wireless telephones.

    The state collects a 75-cent surcharge on all wireless phone bills. The state, in turn, returns a certain amount to each 911 center, while the rest goes to wireless telephone companies to help advance their 911 technologies.

    Rowlands said Adams County gets about 48 cents from each surcharge — roughly $14,000 a month. This money has been accumulating since August 2000 in a special fund to help the county establish an enhanced 911 system, which is

    still in the development stage. Rowlands said the county so far has accumulated about $472,000 in wireless surcharge money for enhanced 911 implementation.

    County officials first hope to develop a traditional enhanced 911 system that will automatically tell the dispatcher the location of all emergency calls coming from land lines. The county will then add on a system that tells the location of any wireless telephone calls.

    Adams County has the only countywide 911 system in the state that is not "enhanced." It also is the only countywide system not funded by a telephone surcharge on local landline phones. "We're funded by local sources directly," Rowlands said.

    The Adams County Board last year earmarked $270,000 for enhanced 911 development, while the Quincy City Council agreed in May to budget $405,000 as its share of the cost. Rowlands said the state funding from the wireless surcharge is "the third leg of funding" needed for the project.

    "That revenue source is key to doing this project," he said. "And if that revenue is less than we had planned for, it would either delay our project or stop it to the point where we have to seek additional funding from the city or county."

    Rowlands said he's not sure if the diversion of 911 dollars will mean one less state payment or a continuing loss of revenue for Adams County.

    "I do not know the impact right now," he said. "Since the governor redirected those funds, does that mean I'm going to see less? Does that mean I'm not going to see any for a while? Or does it mean nothing? I do not know the answers to that. The 911 community in Illinois is trying to find out just what that means."

    David Tuttle, president of the Illinois chapter of the National Emergency Number Association, criticized Blagojevich for siphoning off funds earmarked for 911 improvements.

    "The public needs to know that our state leaders are falling short of what is needed to keep up with new technologies and challenges," he said.

    U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, introduced federal legislation last year to end the raiding of 911 funds and speed enhanced 911 implementation and improve coordination among all levels of government. The proposed legislation — House Bill 2898 — was approved by the full House in a unanimous voice vote on Nov. 4, 2003. Companion legislation in the Senate (SB 1250) is pending action on the Senate floor.
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    This is only one thing the Boy Wonder has raided, Les. We all know about the Fire Prevention fund grab (Art pointed that out already). Plus, there's a boatload of other fees that have been rasied ("I balanced the budget without raising taxes." Gee, where does this money come from?):

    1. The required Open Burning Permit for live fire training used to be free. Now it's a $200 fee.

    2. The permit fees from the EPA for municipal water treatment (sewage) plants used to be free. Now it's $5,000 every year. BUT THEY ONLY REVIEW THE INFO ON THE PERMIT EVERY OTHER YEAR.

    3. There's a new permit that one must get if you are developing a parcel greater than one acre. I forget the name of it now (I'll know by 11 am today). They do a review to make sure there's no Indian or historical artifacts or history on the site. That's $500.... every year the project is under way. Our engineer asked the state guy, "What exactly do we get for that permit fee." His response (in effect, but not verbatim): You get the satifaction of helping the governor balance the budget. Is there any relief for municipal/government agency? There is not.

    4. What happened to the Illinois First money? You all remember that, when Honest George DOUBLED all of the driver's license and license plaate fees to pay for infrastructure improvements. Where's all that money? Oh, wait, I forgot, that was the PREVIOUS governor's program. Since he's out, the program is out.

    I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I can think of. Anybody else think of any?

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    The only satisfaction that I get from any of this is that I didn't vote for him.
    He is old school politics. The whole time he is smiling for the cameras, he's plotting another heist. I will guarantee that the flow of special interest money hasn't slowed one iota to his Chicago home boys.
    Let's face it; if it sounds too good to be true, chances are that it is.
    He said all of the right things to get elected. They could have ran Charlie Manson against George and even Charlie would have beaten him.
    Blago is punishing the Republicans for being in power for so long in this state. The problem is that all of us are getting caught in its wake.
    It is going to be a long first and only term for Hot Rod. This shell game that he is playing can't end soon enough.
    I can't believe that John Kerry didn't take him off of our hands.
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    911 N. Sycamore St. Yep, that's really our address.


    I can't believe that John Kerry didn't take him off of our hands.
    Not this term, Big Dude. But next election? Look at the resumé!

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    I've been getting some information from our 911 coordinator about this. Seems it's been going on for some time and the last word NENA got was that he would not touch the fund. Well, just like the fire prevention fund, he did it anyway. I've got a bunch of information to look at from our 911 and I'll have to get with our legislators and RAISE SOME HELL! Election's only 4 months away.
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    Originally posted by jboczek
    I'll have to get with our legislators and RAISE SOME HELL!
    I love it when my dad raises hell and it's not directed towards me!!!
    "Well behaved women rarely make history"

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