Jon and his 9-fire technology academy buddies set out to target six departments in the northwest they wanted to work for. Their plan A would cultivate these departments and be in a position when they tested. After almost two years no one got hired or was high enough to be considered. Then Jon read a section of our web site that encouraged candidates to test wherever they could get to.

This made since to Jon especially when he figured out that he was only able to take around two tests a year. Like hands on academy and education skills if you donít use your oral board skills you will get rusty faster than trying to throw a 35í wood ladder or laying a line when you havenít donít it for awhile.

This is not taking into consideration that departments donít always test every two years (LA City and SFFD etc.), switch to medics only (San Jose, Sac City), or hire only laterals (CoCo County).

So, non medic Jon tried to convince his 9 buddies to expand their horizons and establish plan B to test any and every where they could to keep their oral board skills at the cutting edge. None of his buddies were interested because they believed that because of their academy training and education and how they were laying the ground work it would only be a matter of time before one of the six departments on plan A would pay off.

In a short time non-medic Jon found out the more tests he took the better he got at taking tests. His oral board scores started climbing and he was getting called back for chief interviews. Then BINGO! Jon gets a job offer from THE PREMIUM fire department in the southwest (yea, that one). As he was packing to leave he offered our program that helped him get hired to his buddies. He was surprised they werenít interested. Didnít need it. They were still banking on plan A.

Itís now 3 years later and Jonís dream department, THE PREMIUM department in the state of Washington (yep, thatís the one), announces their test. Guess what? Jon gets a job offer and gets to go home with his new bride, also from Washington.

Again he offers our program to his buddies. He is shocked again when they said they donít need it.

So, how many of his 9 buddies were hired during this period of time? None, zip, nada.

Sometimes life can be plan B.

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

Fire "Captain Bob"