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    Default Local Firefighters Challenge

    I am interested in putting on a Local/County Firemen's Challenge, to have some fun with all the local fire companies in the area.. Also giving someone the bragging rights for the year..

    What I am looking for from you guys is some ideas for events..

    Maybe 4 or 5 events, that would be easily setup and not cost alot.. Keep in mind this would take place in a empty parking lot. With a couple companies brining engines..

    Scoring, maybe Points system.. Best time gets a certain amount of points, and team with the most points at the end wins.. Thinking about 15 teams would enter, so head to head would be a little hard and very time consuming...

    Any ideas with anything would be great!! Thanks guys.. Maybe we can get a bunch of ideas together and other Companies and put on the same kinda of event..

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    a couple of guys in my dept are from conn, where they do "musters." granted, these tend to be with old school type trucks and stuff, but the idea is the same. do a search for fire musters, and see what comes up...

    hopefully, the NE guys will have more info...good luck
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    Bucket brigade for time. Town next to me has done that a few times and gotten lots of positive comments.
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    Check out the following website for lots of good ideas.

    Good luck, be safe and have fun!


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    Set up a Maze usin Folding tables Make it at least two rooms big or so then get some black Garbage bags and masking tabe and black out SCBA Masks you then set a dummy or some other Obj IE AXE Haligen Bar... in the maze and Voila Instant SAR Timed Event

    Water Ball always works too we do that here
    your best bet is to go thru Essentials Book and look at trainig things then time them it helps you sharpen your skills while havin fun
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    Good luck!! I've been trying to put together a Water-ball Tournament and the replies have nothing back yet. I sent out invitations to 46 different departments and have not receieved any reply. It's really quite frustrating.

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    This sept my county will have their second annual firefighters competition. Last year we had 17 teams compete, this year we are expecting about 25 teams (companies can have 2 teams of 6 members). The events are:

    The Ironman/woman; a modified ff's challenge type of course thats done in full turnouts and on air. 3 members of the team compete for times for team scoring. Also this one event is open to individual copetitors that are not on a team. The overall winners in the event are the best male and female times.

    Handline scramble; Members start off in street clothes and must fully dress-out(no scba), mount the engine, engine drives about 300' thru course stops at a mark crew dismounts and pulls a pre-rigged pack of a wye, 2 1.75" lines & nozzels the engine then lays out a supply line connected to the wye about 200' to a plug, the engineer then hooks to the hyd and supplies water to the handlines that then use their streams to knock ball targets off cones at 75'. Best time wins. (the engines tank to pump valve is flagged by the judges and cannot be used, hyd water only)

    Deckgun scramble; Similar to the above but this time the engine drops a line at the hyd and lays in to a mark at which time the crew makes the supply connection and flows the deckgun at a suspended target. Time stops when the stream makes a solid hit on target. The best time wins.

    Bucket brigade; Teams must get dressed out as above and supply water from a fold-a-tank to a drum set on a 5'6" scaffold about 20' apart, the team forms a chain with one member in the tank and one on the scaffold the rest fill in the line and pass full and empty buckets back and forth. Last year this was done as a single elimination event but this year we are doing it once per team against the clock to keep things moving with more teams. That and putting on your turnouts quickly when they have just been underwater is a b1tch! Once again best time wins.

    The teams with the best times in each event are awarded with a small trophy and the team with the best compiled scores wins the overall cmpetition and the "coveted" Delco Cup (Delaware county) Which is a pass it on type trophy, kind of like the stanley cup with each years winner having a small plate engraved on the base. Last year was tons of fun and all proceeds go towards funding a county LODD memorial. The cost of hosting an event like this is very managable and we have even picked up some additional sponsors for this years event. Hope this info helps with what you are looking to do. It was a great day and everyone got to meet and compete with alot of new freinds from around the county.

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    Where are you located, ffclay? I suggest hanging an empty barrel up on a rope and having a water battle, a bucket brigade, or a hose relay.

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